Yeh Teri Galiyan 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shan and Puchki shot

Yeh Teri Galiyan 4th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Moushmi says his best friend is from Sona Kachi. People taunt at them. They says such a big family and they adopted son from Sona kachi?
Beauty says to Rana this is the right time. Lets go. People taunt at them. Meera and Vivaan come with Shan and Puchki. Vivaan says enough.
Meera takes the mic and says why? Why are they ridiculed because they are from sona kachi/ Vivan says answeer us. People says ask for answer from Ravindra. Nevi says better this happened. Shan will go back to where he is from.

Ravindra gets up on stage and hugs both Puchki and Shan. He says we are progressive and think of doing what is right. We did the right thing. I am telling you all the last time Shan is from an orphanage and he is here to be our son. He is not from Sona kachi. Moushmi had a misunderstanding.
vivaan says are kids born by their choice? Meera says Puchki will move the swing today. People say no. Ravindra says yes they will.

Meera says hating on live people and loving the statues? Vivaan says no one will stop these kids. Meera says we are going. Hope nothing ever happesn to your friendship again.
Puchki says to Shan I am scared. No one is saying anything. Shan and Puchki doe the ritual. Beauty and RAna look at them. Rana points gun towards Puchki.
The bullet hits both of them. They both fall down. Chanda screams. Everyone rushes them to hospital. Mathundar says to doctor this girl’s treatment is my responsibility.

Media comes to hospital. Nivedita says when you start having relations with dirty people this happens. Doctor says to Aru your blood group doesn’t match his. He says let me call chanda. Aru brings Chanda.. Ravindra says sham is our son. this woman’s blood wont enter his blood. Aru says he will die. Ravindra says she wont give him bloodd no matter what. Chanda says is that what your family is? She says you are so great that you will stand on my son’s dead body. Will you be able to to stand on that sin?
Precap-Puchki recalls she was shot with Shantanu. She runs and says Shan.. Where are you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. If not anything else, ZEE TV should learn from their not so old Bhootu Revamp disaster & reconsider their decision of retaining VruNish as the leads.
    The child actors are good no doubt, but I don’t think anyone in their right mind would enjoy dramatic sequence glorifying a 5 years old & a 10 years old.

    Arshin Namdar is by far the most talented child across I have seen on screen. Yet, when she was given dialogues & situations completely unsuitable for her age, Naamkaran had to undergo a complete revamp & the new leads brought the show on right track.
    It’s amazing that these two kids are really close. But that doesn’t necessarily open a door for their future romance. In fact the way they showed Shantanu taking Puchki in her arms when she was born, it actually generated a feeling of sibling’s love. But that’s my opinion, so moving on. If Shantanu was portrayed as a protective brother figure at least for now, that would have made more sense. One getting stuck in a cage calling for another & the other one feeling it – it is way too dramatic even for a drama series.

    What worked for Yeh Hai Mohabatein doesn’t hold a free ticket for all other shows. Ruhi was a small kid so audience fall in love with her. Up to a certain extent it worked for Bhootu as long as they portrayed the kid as a kid. The moment they tried to make her behave beyond her age, the show lost its’ viewer.

    YTG isn’t portraying that out of the box concept. Many shows have already explored different background of leads. Krishnadasi, not long ago, brought forth the practice of Devdasi Ritual & was critically acclaimed for its’ portrayal. With due respect, apart from a few scenes where the kids have been dejected by outside world, YTG in my opinion has miserably failed to showcase what happens in those Badnam Galiyan. Thakur appears every now & then without any relevance & Beauty acts like a maniac.

    The only reason YTG started with a decent TRP because the fans of VruNish were eagerly waiting for their comeback. Now by sidelining these two, the makers are literally making a fool out of everyone. No matter how talented the kids are, they can’t carry this show on their shoulder. And that’s completely because of the poor writing that already TRP has started decreasing.

    Bring the leap ASAP & for God’s sake change the writer. Bring someone who can write something relatable.


    Leap lao plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    Plzzzzzz I want Manish goplani.
    Dear friend I think we should do something.

    1. Manish won’t wait for next six months… they have delayed the leap for nix six months so if u r watching the show for him stop watching it!! I wish he gets a better project than this soon.. dnt wanna see him wasting his time behind a useless show


        Sam jb see mje pta chala ha k leap delay ho Gaya ha
        I m not watching this show.
        For me no Manish no ytg .
        I hope he got a 💯 times batter show from this show .
        But this is not fair yaar
        How could they do this with varnish .

  3. I agree with all of you that this decision is really stupid…Though I am not watching the show specifically for Manish and Vrushika whom I have never seen before ( except for occasional glimpses of Manish in Bhootu season 2 in an unassuming role of a care taker ) ,and quite impressed with the child artists’ performances so far,I have to say that the team has gone overboard by deciding to postpone the leap…Accepted the children have done a great job, but there are no doubts that their task is over….Anything beyond this point will look melodramatic ,spoiling the charm of their cute ,innocent friendship/ bond that has been portrayed so far….And I am not liking the idea of exposing two young children to words like Badi and Sona Kachi repeatedly and scenes like auctioning the girls….If the intention of the production house is to show a love story with a red light area in the back drop ,better the leads take over without much delay as two young children should not be expected to carry on for six long months the responsibility of playing central characters that too in a story of this nature….Yes ,in reality children from these areas must be undergoing worse things which none of us can even dare to imagine unless we step into their shoes….but who would ike to do that????? As no fiction can match reality ,better to stop here only ,grow them up and focus on how the young couple ,with the tag SonaKachi attached to them ,would face the challenges of the society and succeed in their professional as well as personal lives…

    1. I second your opinion.

      Even I wasn’t following this show for VruNish; haven’t watched any serial of them. But honestly, I find it insulting for any actor when he/she signs a show & suddenly receives such a notice.

      Feels like the authority here is obsessed with child actors & their glorification.

      Can’t ever forget & forgive Zee for what they had done to Bhootu & now this.

      Plus, I am also concerned about what type of scenes are going to be shot with these kids? I remember reading an interview of Arshiya’s mom that it was really disturbing for her when they shot the fire accident scene with Arshiya as she couldn’t imagine her daughter there. Even Akanksha had confessed that it was very difficult for her to shoot. And there they had shot with her going near the stove & then showed fire, didn’t even include the kid.

      Here the way in each episode Ruchi is exposed to one incident or other – it’s really alarming.

  4. Leisa s morris

    Im with everyone on gettin d leap as I dont c d need for all of dis. Yes showin us exactly how shan end up out of sona kachi and how his adoptive mother started hating him is a plus but dey need to move on with d story now. As for nivi I dont care how hurt u are by ur husbands deceit wen a child’s life is in danger d compassionate side of u comes out especially if u had started caring for dat child. Theres no empathy for shan from her and im.not on board with dat ( I can say dis cause im an exwife whose husband had children outside d marriage and I never blamed dem or wish dem harm). As for d patriarch of d family sayin he dont want chanda blood in shan, news flash her blood is already in him as she is his biological mother, sorry to say if was me I was takin my child and raise him with me dan have him live in such a family as dey will b responsible for raising him to despise sona kachi and d people who lives there dat includes his mom and best friend puchki

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