Yeh Teri Galiyan 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Beauty to sell Puchki

Yeh Teri Galiyan 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shantanu unties Puchki. She says you are such a cool friend. Beauty is so cruel. Beauty comes in and says Puchki is right. I did wrong right? She unties her. She says I am sorry. Let’s go and have jalebi. Beauty says to shantanu go and tell your mom we are going for Jalebi. Beauty puts on makeup on Puchki’s face. She takes her to dance hall and makes her video. Puchki dances there with all girls in front of clients. Arpita comes and sees her. She is dazed. She shouts Puchki. Beauty says this video will make me rich.
Beauty says you have no idea how good your daughter danced. Puchki says I am sorry choti ma. Arpita cries and removes her makeup. She says I have to save my daughter.

Puchki is crying. Shantanu sees her and says what happened. He says you put on

lipstick and choti ma got angry? Se says yes. Shantnau says you shouldn’t do it right. He gives her jalebi. She says will God be able to read my letter? He says yes, right him a letter this evening.

Scene 2
Inspector says to beauty they loved the video. Beauty says I knew. He gives her money and says we will take her tomorrow. She sees the money and says finally. Thakur comes there and sees the money. She says who gave it? Beauty says inspector did. He asked us to keep it here. He will take them back tomorrow. Thakur says dont’ do a mistake. She leaves.
Puchki writes her letter and leaves it on the tree. Shantanu reads it. She wrote God bring me my hair back. I want my long hair again. SHantanu says please God give her all she wants and keep us friends.

Puchki wakes up and sees a cap on her head with braids. She is happy. She comes out and says I have my hair back. She says to pathan chacha sees God gave me my hair back. Shantanu told me when we write a letter God gives us what we want. Kaka says I hope she gets out of this place God.
Arpita says why I feel like something wrong is gonna happen.
She dresses. The client comes in. He says stop. He takes off his braid and turban. Arpita says inspector you here? He says I have to tell you something. He shows her the video and says Beauty is planning to sell your daughter. She has taken a big amount as well. She says my daughter.. He says stop. No one should know I am here. Arpita says I was scared of this moment. SHe is my daughter. She is only 5. I beg you please save my daughter. He says no one should listen I am here. Arpita says thank you so much for telling me. Arpita says why did you tell me? He says I shivered thinkning what will they do with the little girl. I had to tell you. Arpita sys we should tell Thakur. He says stop. She says please save my daughter. He says Thakur ma has a great influence. Thakur ma will go out. Save puchki you don’t have much time.
Precap-Arpita tries to save puchki beauty stops her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. How shameful it is that the custodians of law are playing to the tune of Thaku MA…the way the inspector was scared of Beauty and her mother shows the ugly nexus between the police and underworld…..all these disgusting people live like leeches on some unfortunate women like Arpita and innocent girls who are the victims of child trafficking and end up in these living hells..the precap shows Arpita making an attempt to take away her daughter but obviously she fails….According to spoilers ,Shantanu will be adopted by a rich businessman who nurtures him into a fine gentleman by sending him abroad and giving him good education but Puchki remains in that hell only….We know Shantanu will never forget Puchki but will he be able to save her from there and give her a new life….easier said than done but if he really loves her,not impossible either..

    1. Loved your comment Lakshmi. Pains me to think that we still have such maniacs in responsible positions whose hunger for s*x and financial gains out ways their moral responsibilities. I wonder how they treat their own mothers, sisters and daughters. More so I wonder how they look them in the eye after their “deeds” outside home.
      Obviously I am wasting my time pondering over this because these people have no conscious ……that’s why they are so immoral. This serial makes me appreciate my own life even more……makes me realise my worries are so trivial.
      Loving this serial but hope the production keeps it simple and doesn’t screw it up like most others we see at the moment.

  2. this shows also bring into light that people who commit the worst crimes are the ones who are show others that their are true believers of God. This true believers of god are the worst criminals no matter which religion one looks into.

  3. Nice storyline…waiting for Manish entry as shantanu…😚😚😚

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