Yeh Teri Galiyan 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Puchki sees Shan in hospital

Yeh Teri Galiyan 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Puchki comes to Shan. She says test.. He says don’t do this drama. You are doing all this to trap my brother. Because we are rich. Puchki says you mentality has stoop so low. He grasps her hand and says you are lying. Puuchki says what do you think of yourself. Shan says say wat you want I don’t care. You are no one. Shan leaves in anger. Puchki says all these bitter things wont separate me from you.

Nevi meets ridhoy. She says you could be careful. You know how much do I love you. He says shan dada.. He sees Shan on the door. Shan comes in. Shan comes in and says are yo okay? Ridoy hugs Shan. Nevi is angry. Ridhoy says never go from here. Please stay here forever. Shan says I can do anything for you. I wont leave you in this condition. Ridhoy says yayy. I am very hungry. shan hugs him. Puchki is outside. Puchki recalls what Shan said.

Scene 2
Puchki collides with Beauty. Murli says are you blind? Beauty says its okay. Beauty says in heart is she staring at me like she knows my past?
Beauty goes to a doctor. Doctor checks her. Beauty says you have been treating me for so long why isn’t this bruise healing? Doctor says we are trying. The bruise is very old. Its the same burn bruise Puchki gave her. Beauty says the one who gave it died. It isn’t healing though. Beauty feels someone is on the door. Murli checks but Puchki hides. He says no one is there. Beauty says I want this treated very soon. Doctor says yes sure. Beauty leaves. She says vote for ghungro. Shan sees beauty in the hospital. Shan is silent. Puchki says I have to find out if they know each other or not.

Shan is dazed to see Puchki in his house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Ruby_MarNy

    ShanKi tashan was superb 😍😍😍
    Loved the way Puchki gave back to him…

    1. Who is beauty, the politician? Haven’t watched pre leap.

  2. pucki shantanu acting mind Bolling or dono ki chmstry lovely

  3. Yes Ruby ,loved the way Puchki retaliated to Shan’s insensitive remarks and put him in his place….she is the same gutsy girl who ,even as a five year old ,did not hesitate to call a spade a spade…I am really sad about Shantanu who thinks that Mazumdar family name and the wealth accompanying it are the two most precious things in life…the way he is treating Puchki is very disturbing…..the irony is Ridhoy ,who is the son the of a vain woman like Nivi and brought up by her has turned out to be very humble ,humane and down to earth whereas Shan ,who had a mother like Chanda and a friend like Puchki and seen the ups and downs of life is behaving like a born royal ,ready to insult anyone who is not from his class….going to be very tough for Puchki but Shan requires this type of girl to come down to Mother Earth …..and yes ,both the actors are doing an excellent job …particularly Vrishika…I am already a fan of hers ….and beautiful chemistry between the two…..

    1. Hi Lakshmi, how’s your Divali prep shaping up? I do know that you have lots to do..what day will India be celebrating? Here it’s on Tuesday 6th.. Anyways, after Divali is over, I’ll write to you…even I’m having hectic days here, going to the various pre Divali celebrations in and around where I live and it’s rather late when I return home ,so I’ll let Divali pass and then write to my heart’s content. Coming to the serial, I love the chemistry between these two leads, they are growing on me daily and it’s heartening to see that we still have a spirited Puchki, nor a subdued young woman who allowed her unfortunate upbringing to prevent her from becoming someone who can be counted as an upright servant of the people who would stand up for what is right. The only daunting factor here is going to be in her personal life where she has lots of bad memories and she’s going to meet the same people who made her life a hell as a child. On AKAJS, I couldn’t be more in love with Sahil as I already am and he’s made the bold and unheard of move in soapland.. He’s moving out of the Agarwal’s house and going to live life on his terms with Vedika whom he married (in God’s eyes)…his son with Vedika, Aarya and his saasuma and hear this…soon she’ll be pregnant because she and Sahil consummated their marriage and relationship but he did with his love!! So, you can imagine my joy, although the scene was sanitized due to the fact that Suhasi is a married woman… I would think that is the reason…nevertheless, they did and I’m happy that Sahil got the woman he loves, now they can fight battles together and that’s for sure because the slithering snake Puneesh is teaming up with the insecure Bhoomi who’s been ranting and raving the entire week..and that spells trouble… Hope you are doing well, chat soon..

    2. Ruby_MarNy

      Agree with you, Lakshmi… I too don’t like the way Shan threating Puchki… He is talking like he has born with silver spoon… If I’m not wrong, Puchki never born for a pr*stitute… Arpita became a pr*stitute after Puchki born only… Shan is a pr*stitute’s son… I’m not talking bad about pr*stitute but I’m comparing between Shan and Puchki…

  4. That’s really good news Naz,,,,at last Sahil and Vedika are together with their son and Aarya…it is expected that the consummation would be sanitized as Suhasi is a married woman ….do you remember the consummation scene of Jodha and Jalal…a very cute one but I think it was done with Paridhi’s .double since she was married that time itself…Right niw I am savouring each moment of this lovely romantic saga all over again…When you are watching on TV for the first time ,there is this biggest hassle of waiting for the next day’s episode and Ofcourse the week ends I can watch as many episodes as I want if the time permits….just download zee5 app and that’s it….Anyways I am happy that atlast Sahil ‘s wait for the biggest moment of his life s over and he is happy with the woman he loves……another good news is Kaleerein is coming to an end in another two weeks and the slot is given to a new serial ‘manmohini’…..I consider it a good news as finally the torture will be over for Arjit Taneja…what a waste of talent as well as good looks….Zee is advertising another new serial….no idea which serial is on the axing line…
    You are night Naz,ths entire month is going to be hectic for me….Today ,being Sunday ,I have finished the house cleaning chores…Sweets preparation and silver polishing for Lakshmi Pooja are still pending….will do it tomorrow ….here we are celebrating on 7th,means still two days time is there….As I told you,after the festival ,I will be busy with my son’s visit to India ….he is coming with his would be for engagement that is due on 24 th of this month….On dec 3 rd he is going back…Naz,I am really missing Radhika and her daughter this time of the year….this will be the first Diwali that I will be celebrating without my friend’s family.. That is the uniqueness of life….is n’t it? It does n’t wait for anyone….Anyways ,this is the Festival of Lights ,lots and lots of sweets and joyful time with near and dears….so no room for sad thoughts….Have a nice time my dear friend and write to me leisurely….Happy Diwali…

    1. Happy Divali to you as well, dear friend… Enjoy the festivities… Will do!! ✨🎆…ps….i saw the promo for Manmohini, it comes as a shocking surprise that kaleerein is nearing its end…but it was expected, with the crap storyline… Arjit didn’t know this would have happened… I blame the creative writing team, they disappointed everyone… However, I like supernatural stories but in its natural form, not as incorporation into family dramas… Chat soon…and ENJOY…i can imagine your sadness however with Radikha’s absence…life is really unfair to well deserving people…

  5. Hello Shraddha,Beauty ,the politician is an ugly reminder of Puchki and Shantanu’s childhood in Sonagachi ,the red light area of Kolkata …she is the daughter of the then Thaku MA who is not seen now after the leap….Beauty did everything possible to subdue the aggressive Puchki but invain….she tortures the little girl to force her obey the rules of Sonagachi….When Puchki turns out to be too smart for her,she decides to eliminate her and give the task to her boy friend to do that….This woman is so heaatless that she never cared for her own mother ,Thaku MA….On finding out her daughter’s true colours ,Thaku MA finally decides to give freedom to Chanda and Puchki and ask them to run away …But Beauty’s boy friend succeeds in catching Chanda whereas Puchki jumps into the river to be saved later by some fisherfolk…Even I missed watching the last few episodes before the leap….so someone please correct me if I am wrong….But the interesting thing is how come Beauty ,who wanted to take over the business from her mother , has come out and become a politician and how come Chanda,,a meek and reluctant inmate once ,is heading the Bari now and looking as ruthless as the previous Thaku MA….guess there will be a flashback explaining all this…

  6. Lakshmi, on my end here, it was shown where Chanda begged Puchki to jump in the river as it was better than living at sonagachi but as she disappeared in the water Chanda was caught right there and forcefully taken away. Meanwhile the goddess’s murti which had been immersed into the water served as a buttress for little Puchki who landed directly upon, as she had been going through a state of unconsciousness at the moment. The season and episode ended there …today the new season starts on local television.. Remember, it was known that Puchki was a blessed child, maybe that’s how she was saved.

  7. Cathy

    And now i’ll start watching…

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