Yeh Teri Galiyan 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Beauty punishes Puchki

Yeh Teri Galiyan 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Beauty screams Puchki.. You wanted to cut my clothes? Now see what I do. Puchki runs and beauty runs after her. Shantanu stops her. Pucki says move aside. She catches Puchki and says why you did this? She says you burned shantanu’s books. Beauty says now you will tell me how to do justice. She says raise your hand and picks a rod. Shantanu stands in front of Puchki. Beauty says so your body guard came. She hits Shantanu’s hand. Shantanu takes puchki from there.
Beaut says to Mamoni I wont leave that little thing puchki. Mamoni says she is just 5 and she made you dance? Beauty says she is evil. She says go and sleep. Mamoni says take revenge but on right time when she gets older. Beauty says I will sell her myself. She says I will get her on auction.


says to puchki see I got juice for you. He says sit and drink. She says no. Shnatanu says why? She says I can’t sit. He says drink before someone comes. She says you drink too.. He says no I got it for you. Puchki says we will both drink half half. Chanda comes and says lets go its sleeping time. she reads Puchki story. She says there was a princess and she was locked in the castle. Shantanu says prince will come and save the princess. Puchki says princess doesn’t need anyone. She can save herself. Chanda says you are right.

Scene 2
Next morning, Chanda says to puchki stay with shantanu. Arpita says stay with pathan kaka as well. She says okay i will but please don’t cut my hair. I like them. Arpita says I wont. Chanda says to Arpita why you do this? Se says I dont’ want to be like us. My husband left us here and ruined my life but he also ruined Puchki’s. I dont know how to hide her from these people.

Shantanu studies. Puchki sits with him. Chanda says puchki you study too. Puchki comes to lake. She goes on the tree. Shantanu says what are you doing here? Come down. If choti ma sees she will be angry. Come down. Puchki jumps and falls in the water. Shantanu screams puchki.. He jumps in the water. Puchki comes out laughing. She says look at you scared one. He says come out. Its not a joke. He pulls her out.
Puchki says should we take pandit’s clothes from here? He says no dont even dare. She picks his clothes and runs. Pandit screams.. He says puchki stop. Leave my clothes. Don’t you have any shame. Puchki says you are so old and you bath here. Don’t you have shame? He says didn’t your father and mother teach you anything?
Chanda says to arpita you have to get ready puchki wont leave you. A woman says to arpita both kids aren’t there. They run.

Pandit says where are you from? He says pari mehal. Pandit says I will have to shower again. You both are dirts. He says you made the water impure too. Puchki says what is impure? He says don’t even come near me or the water. Puchki says bari ma says ganga jal cleans everything.
Pathan kaka says arpita and chanda are looking for you? PAndit says take these sins from here. Puchki says what is sin? Puchki asks what is sin? ANd impure means? Why said water is impure?
Chanda says you are not well arpita. Arpita says beauty wont let me sit home. Puchki comes home. Arpita says where were you? She says went to ganga and learned new things. Three words sins father and impure. What do they mean? what is father?
Precap-Beauty tries to sell puchki. Shantanu tries to save her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    Puchki seems to be a strong girl and not a crybaby… Loved when Shantanu and Puchki were continuously smiling when they get beaten by that beauty….

  2. My fav episode so far…. loved every bit of it
    Loving the show and these kids are just so adorable… their bond is divine.. waiting for Manish to enter as Shantanu :))

  3. In love with this show? waiting for the kids to grow up

  4. Nina

    The adults are a terrible threat to two cute children


    Naughty pochki ❣️?
    Amazing third episode ????

    1. Hi kudrat,happy to see u here.waiting for our manish’s u emember me?hw is ur studies?

  6. Yes,Kudrat ,Puchki is indeed naughty and fearless as well…But we can see the environment is influencing Puchki’s preferences ….her concentration is on dancing but not on the lessons…nothing wrong in having hobbies like music ,dancing etc…but without education it will be difficult to escape from this place and stand on her own in future…and the children’s reaction to the merciless spanking of the she devil,Beauty ,was something extraordinary…not even a whimper …they stood as if their backs were not theirs…..they have already become insensitive and indifferent to punishment …I couldn’t stop my tears watching them share the milk and pain as well… is heartening to see these two young children forging a beautiful friendship in this hell of a place and trying to help each other ,while their mothers are busy earning two square meals…I can not help but think who is responsible for their terrible fate ….society or destiny…Anyways ,let us see how the writers will mould the destinies of these two lovely children..

    1. Lakshmi… This serial hasn’t been uploaded as of today on desitvflix site so I’m still unable to view any episode at all. The one or two comments I’ve made, were based on what I’ve read here, so I try to see in my minds eye what the episodes could look like. This is the sad state of Zeetv Caribbean and I’m positive, North America too… I’m up to date on AKAJS and ISA and Kaleerein too but we are episodes behind on telly and I don’t watch it there anyway. I believed that I would have been able to see it on desitvflix but no such luck, the page just says…coming soon!!!! My tablet is my source of viewing, as it is..i don’t watch Zeetv at all, thanks to the network, they’ve lost a viewer. You know me by now to know why I don’t comment much when I don’t see actual episodes. Even though technology is at our fingertips and anything can be accessed at the blink of an eye, it has shown to be woefully lacking as well in this regard. You can feel sorry for me because even I feel sorry for myself, not being able to share my views and opinions with our friends on this new forum. So…. Please excuse my lack of participation my friend, I know you would understand.


    Waoo 3rd epi was superb.
    I like little couple bonding.
    But beauty is very bad .
    I hope shantanu puchki ko bacha le .


    Kudrat janni ????
    Thanks to my Almaighthy Allah k mje Meri dost yahan b mil gae.

  9. No worry Naz,..we can not expect much from a channel that is insensitive to the viewers’ needs…why can’t this channel in various countries follow a uniform schedule and show its serials on the same day is beyond our comprehension…May be they don’t expect the viewers from different parts of the globe ,participate in interactive forums like Telly and exchange views….looks like Desiflix is also facing similar problems like Zee…I fully agree with you that it is a waste of time and effort to comment without watching the episodes…..But no worry ,we will chat on ISA and Aapke aa Jane se forums…Icould finally see some welcoming change in Vedika’s attitude ….Yes,she is still closely guarding her feelings but I could see tears in her eyes after informing Sahil ,rather bluntly that she had married Yash on her own ….With Vedika’s smart cousin determined to make Vedika’s realise her true feelings ,we can expect some positive outcome in the upcoming episodes. friend,from today I will make it a point to be awake till 11pm and watch both ISA and AKAJS .. We can not contribute much by just reading the updates and Zee,uncaring of it’s Viewers’ comfort ,has catered late hours to both these popular serials …Why can’t they shift Mahek and PA to these slots ,i don’t understand…Anyways when we can not change the system ,it is better not to complain…but as you said the channel will lose many of its viewers in this bargain…hope everything went well with your niece’s marriage and you had a great time…will chat tomorrow…

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