Yeh Teri Galiyan 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Arpita cuts Puchki’s hair

Yeh Teri Galiyan 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The pindal is set. All women dance there. Shantanu says to puchki ask ma for what you want. Pucki says ma looks so pretty. Santanu says just like you. He says you are idiot. Chand comes and says what happened? She says shantanu said I am idiot. Chanda says he is iditot.
Beauty screams and says white hair. She says to damini my hair.. I have one white hair.

Puchki and Shantau eat together. She says see there. so many colors. Lets go there. Shananu loses Puchki. He get worried. He looks for puchki. A man sees puchki and calls his friends. They surround her. She cries and says shantanu.. He sees her and hugs her. Shantanu says don’t ever leave my hand again. She says sorry. Lets go. Chanda says always be that good friends.
Puchki says to Arpita I got this ribbon.

I had so much fun with bari ma and santanu.

Arpita recalls what shagu did. She says happy birthday and gives her chocolate. She hugs arpita. Arpita says let me do your hair. She asys I will look so pretty with this ribbon like damini and kajri. I will do makeup. Arpita says little girls don’t do makeup. She says I will. Boys will whistle at me. she slaps her and says I will teach you a lesson. She says I will cut your hair I will make yu look like a boy. she runs out. Arpita cuts her hair. She says how dare you put on makeup. How dare you look like damini and kajri. She cuts all her hair. Puchki cries.

Shantanu says what happened? He asys what happened to your hair? She says choti ma cut my hair. He says why? She says I don’t know why. She said I will dress like this. I had pretty hair. Kaka says you look good in these too. She says don’t lie. I dont’ wann talk to anyone.
Chanda says its her birthday and you did this to her? She says don’t you understand my worry for her? Her birthdays tell me she is growing old. she will have to work here. Can you promise her they wont let her work? Chanda says I wont ever leave you and puchki alone. I will get you both out of here. don’t you ever make my daughter cry again. Arpita hugs her.

Shantau ties ribbon on puchki’s hair. She says I look so good. SHantanu asys I had to get hair colors for beauty. Beauty tears his books. He says please dont’ do this. She says you didn’t get me hair color. You deserve this. You wont do this again. He cries. She burns all his books. Shantanu cries. Puchki consoles Shantanu. She says don’t cry.
Puchki comes to beauty’s room and says you burned his books now see what I do. She cuts her new dress. Beauty screams Puchki..
Precap-Arpita and Puchki run from the palace and so do Chanda and shantanu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    Puchki and Shantanu’s bonding is too adorable ????
    Arpita cuts Puchki’s hair was ???
    But it’s her fear as a mother… She doesn’t want her daughter to be like her… But that scene was too painful…
    And that beauty burnt Shantanu’s books… How dare is is she?????
    Puchki did good by cutting beauty’s dress but she should have escaped from there instead of jumping in happiness… Now, don’t know what that beauty going to do towards Puchki…

  2. Nice episode ??loved it. Waiting for vrushika ???

  3. I agree with you Ruby..MarNy ,that it s Arpita’s fear as a mother that made her cut Puchki’s hair and wear Shantanu’s clothes….She is scared for her growing daughter ‘s desire to do make up and look beautiful like one of those resident girls…in her anxiety she has forgotten that a girl will look a girl after growing up ….So it s time for her to take Puchki far away and look for some other livelihood…Though it will be painful to see Shantanu and Puchki getting separated,one of them leaving this terrible environment is imminent …I think Arpita won’t be allowed to leave ,inspite of her best efforts ,and Puchki is most likely to stay there only…And Shantanu might return after getting educated ….I hope this won’t affect their friendship..

    1. Shrilatha

      I think it will affect as per promo grown up Shantanu criticizes the women who stay they in a very mean way

  4. Compared with Shantanu,Puchki seems to be smarter of the two and spirited…she is not the crying type…and believes in facing the problem head on and retaliate…The way she countered that goon in the pandal and bit him fiercely to escape and the cuts on Beauty’s dress show her temper …..she woll certainly require that fiery temper to beat all the odds and come out a winner in future..
    By the way ,I was thinking what are these puchkas that Puchki is named after and learnt from the net they are pani puri version of the Bengalis…we are getting to see lot of Bengali culture ,,,their dances in the Durga pooja pandas ,bits and pieces of Bengali language and their famous sweets…Everything is sweet except these dark alleys where women are sold like cattle….but this happens in every state and city..


    Waoo today epi was superb
    I like little cute couple.
    Its good k puchki is not cry baby .
    She is such a brave girl.
    The story going very well .
    Waiting for Manish goplani.

  6. Nina

    Ayaan Zubair Rahmani is very good young actor. The humiliating means of upbringing are based upon the hate children.

  7. I was so happy to hear this show is done by the same people who are responsible for Bephannah..i have high hopes.

  8. WOW this seems to be a good serial to watch. Sad to see how hard life is for some people and yet they make the most of it. Makes me appreciate what I have . Hopefully the production team keep it simple and not bring in unrealistic “side” stories to prolong the serial. I am definitely enjoying this.

  9. Awwwwwww…wonderful episode especially the sweetness of pure unadulterated childhood love between two utterly innocent children, my heart melts with their care and concern for each other, how beautiful this love could be in transference to adulthood…im imagining Shantanu and Puchki telling each other these lines as adults. Arpita is right to be concerned about her daughter growing up in this community, doesn’t bode well for the young woman Puchki will grow up to be. As it is, Shantanu will be the one leaving the area and it’s going to be heartbreaking to see him not embrace Puchki in years to come, because of her misfortune to have grown up in this district which considers women as bargaining commodities. I’m liking this serial tremendously, hope it doesn’t get screwed up like the others.

  10. Yes Lakshmi, we are here, together with Cathy. I’m sorry for not being so consistent on the forums these days, with my niece’s wedding next Saturday, I have so much to do, for myself, children and mother, so getting time to post my comments is proving to be a small problem for me, of course I’ve got to see my favorites, so I try my best to at least read the updates, even if you don’t see me comment I’ll be reading though and I’m always close to you in thoughts. I’m not watching Mehak anymore, can’t help it, thank goodness WAS is gone, should have been sooner. I’m terribly disappointed in the current direction of Kaleerein..i just don’t understand what went wrong with the script, it’s more like the writers have bad experience in their lives so they are sharing their corrupted mind and violent thinking with us and in the process, has destroyed Vivaan’s character beyond redemption, how are they going to clean up the mess now? The damage is done and nothing good that’ll ever happen after, will be able to erase the painful memories they have given us. Vivaan and Meera are destined at the moment to see hell before they can get a glimpse of heaven…. In KKB, Tanu and Aliya the shameless wretches are still wrecking havoc, and the man child Abhi is a waste and I don’t know what happened to the wardrobes of Purab and Abhi …very questionable I tell you…Pragya still taking insults from the wannabe 16 yrs old Tanu who still wear pink princess like gowns, all made up with paint to the max…. As for my darling Sahil, I wish writers could bring some competition for Vedika or find him a deserving love because obviously Vedika doesn’t value his to die for love and affection. I just don’t understand this woman…what is her problem in not accepting Sahil’s love,? It’s already established that they have to end up together but I can’t handle her stubbornness to admit her feelings to the man who’d die for her a thousand times. If she doesn’t have feelings for Sahil why then doesn’t she consummate her sham of a marriage with Yash??? You know what I think?? I think she’s deathly terrified of what society will say about her if she gets into more of an intimate relationship with Sahil, maybe she’s also afraid of his passion because in the moments they were in compromising positions, even I blushed. Also, I wonder if she’s just plain dumb or foolish…however, I don’t think her late husband’s memory is preventing her from anything because then she wouldn’t have married Yash in the first place. I’m still watching ISA… You know I’ve always complained that writers should unite couples to fight battles together, so we have it in this serial, the only problem is that Kabir hasn’t an ego as big as earth and won’t admit he’s wrong on things or accept Zara’s advice, which is always fine with me..Rukhsar is making a comeback but it’s on Zara’s orders, and it’s because she wants to use Rukhsar to checkmate Miraj and beat him at his own game…now the tremors will start between Kabir and Miraj, with Zara being vindicated.

  11. Hello Cathy ,it has been a while since we shared the forum of Jeet Gayi To…..yes,I was there on ISA forum but just for a few weeks…and you know the reason….Anyways the tele world is small and here we are again along with Naz and I am sure we will have a great time..let us hope this story,like most of Zee serials ,will not be screwed up after the initial fifty or hundred episodes…

  12. Thank you Naz,for making your stand clear on Vedika …even I feel it is time for the writers to bring in some competition for Vedika and the same holds true for Vivaan in Kaleerein..Both Vedika and Vivaan are taking their respective partners’ love for granted …They really need this jolt to realise that Sahil and Meera have their own admirers too…Anyways I can imagine how busy you will be till this marriage is over …so we wil chat once you are free…enjoy yourself and have a great time…

  13. H guys …
    How are you all..
    one more friend is here..
    Kudrat ✨❣️?

    1. Hi hi…another addition to our circle, happy to have you here Kudrat.. ??

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