Yeh Teri Galiyan 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Shan and Asmita come home

Yeh Teri Galiyan 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nevi’s frineds come too. Moushmi says I think you should go. Police comes. Inspector says there could be wild animals in jungle. Ridoy says don’t say that. I would come with you for search. Moushmi says were are they two together. Ridoy says they are in trouble. Shan comes home holding Asmita in his hands. Moushmi says ridoy’s girl in Shan’s arms. Ridou says what happened to her? Is she okay? Shan says she is cold. There was a storm. Ridoy holds her hand. Mousmi says who knows why she fainted. Bua says can you shut up. You always say stupid things. Bring tea for her. Ridoy massages her hands. He covers Asmita. Asmita opens her eyes. Ridoy says asmita open your eyes. She opens eyes and looks at Shan. Ridoy says are you okay? Moushmi says cold or not able to

show your face to anyone. Did I speak more? Asmita says what are you trying to say. Bu says don’t listen to her. Have your tea you would feel better. Moushmi says you spent a whole night with Shan alone in a jungle. Bua says can you shut up. Moushmi says truth is bitter. Why did you faint? So no one can point fingers? Shan says not a single word against her anymore. Paro says we want to know what were you doing with her. Shan throws a vase towards her. He says I don’t need to give you clarifications. Paro leaves in anger. Shan leaves too. Nevi says to her friends. SHe says you shouldn’t have callled us here. They leave.

Moushmi says to Nevi world can’t stay quite on this. Asmita says you can only talk about this dirt. If a guy and girl are stuck doesn’t mean they did something. Moushmi says we have seen what you two are doing since days. Those photographs and him dancing with you. Ridoy says enough. No one would say a word against her now. Bua says yeah enough. Let’s go back. Asmita says vyeah I don’t wanna stay her., Ridou says I will drop you. She says I will go.

Scene 2
Paro comes home crying. She says Shan only thinks of Asmita. He doesn’t even talk to me. I should better marry Ridoy he is better. Beauty slaps her. She says use your brain. Shan has more power. Everything is on Shan’s name. Do what you are told to. I will handle this Asmita now.

Asmita walks in tears. The son naina plays. She recalls her childhood. Asmita says why can’t I fix all this God? Please show me a way out of this. I am so confused. Asmita keeps ringing the bell. she sees the man who took money from the house. Asmita says he shouldn’t recognize me. She puts sindur on her face and goes after him. The man sees her. He puts dust on her face and runs.
Precap-San says I want to announce the date of my and Ridoy’s wedding. I will marry on 15th.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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