Yeh Teri Galiyan 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Chanda kidnaps Ridhoy

Yeh Teri Galiyan 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nevi screams.. Junior. Moushmi comes. She says that massage girl and junior both aren’t here Nevi comes downstairs and says to Aru juniro isn’t in his room. Puchki comes to Shan. He says why did you come here? i asked you not to. Don’t you understand. She says I got your brother named Ridhoy. He says was it you? She says you said if I was a boy you would name me ridhoy. He says leave right now. She hugs him and says I wont ever leave you. No matter what you do. Shan hears that junior is not in his room. She says to Ravindra I left him with the massage woman.
Ravindra says how could you leave baby with a new girl? SHe says Moushmi brought her. Ravindra slaps Moushmi.

Chanda comes on stairs and says your son is here Mrs. Ravindra don’t come forward

or I will shove him from stairs. Nevi says please leave my baby. Nevi says please. Chanda says I wont. Ravindra says who are you.. Chanda takes off her veil. she says now you know what a mother feels. I want my son to have equal right as this baby. Give him the same love. Nevi says I wont ever do that. Chanda shoves the baby. Nevi says please stop. You are a mom too. Aru says please say yes Nevi. Nevi says I wont bow down to her anyway. Chanda says now i will do this. i will leave him if you don’t listen. She slips and the stroller actually falls. Everyone screams. Ridhoy falls. puchki and shan hold him. Nevi heaves. Nevi picks the baby. Chanda says I didn’t do it intentionally. The baby slipped from my hands. Please trust me aru. i came here for my baby’s right. Not to hurt anyone. ravindra says you tried to kill our baby. Chanda says i just slipped. I didnt’ want to. Nevi slaps her.
Puchki shoves nevi and says how dare you hit my mom. It wasn’t her mistake. My ma doesn’t lie. People says it’s the same girl. Puchki says shan your mom is hitting bari ma. Nevi says firs this shan handicapped my son and now this chanda almost killed my son. Why. Why my baby has to suffer all this. Ravindra says call police.

Ravindra says to jamai call police. Puchki says but bad people go to jail. Bari ma is really nice. Beauty says to Thaku ma do you keep an eye on chanda? She isn’t here and so isn’t pathan.
Aru came here yesterday. He hugged her and wanted to take her from here. Thaku ma asks her men to bring Chanda to Pari mehel. She says bring pathan too.

Police comes. Ravindra says arrest her. Puchki says please dont’ do this. Bari ma is really nice. Neel says listen to her and ask why she did that. SHe didn’t take junior from here. Puchki says she saved shan why are you not saving her. Save her from police. Please uncle. He doesn’t say anything. Police takes Chanda. Ravindra says inspector leave her. He says we will handle it ourselves. Nevi says she tried to kill our son. How can we leave her. Ravindra says there are a lot of other things that we need to discuss.
Nevi says how long will my son suffer all this. No one cares for my son. Does he have no right? Ravindra says to Chanda I left you because of this girl. Go from here. Chanda leaves. Puchki says shan we will meet. We will always be friends. Aru takes Shan upstairs.
Precap-Nevi patches up with Shan. She ask him to go to chanda. Shan says to chanda I am ashamed you are my mom.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Naz, god only save us from these writers but they are butchering Puchki’s character…A child of just five delivering all those tutored dialogues….yes,today it was very much obvious that she just by hearted all those dialogues and repeated them parrot like….,Ruchi has tried her best to add emotions to what she was saying but they are simply too much for her age …like when she says to Shan that she won’t leave him either in life or …..this character is losing ts naturality and I am sorry to say that the girl ,whom we loved just a couple of weeks back ,is getting on my nerves now with her over acting and loud mouth…No,I am not criticising Ruchi but the writers and the director who are responsible for this transformation..The only saving grace is the scene where Puchki and Shan would save the baby from that precarious fall and hold him between them…and junior’s cute smile iwa enough reward for their efforts…Though the scene was too much dramatised,I loved Junior smiling at Shan and Puchki….
    Naz, as you said the postponement of the leap is in a way required to understand the change in Shan’s attitude towards Sonakachi post the leap…..But don’t you think six months is too much a delay…Anyway, Chanda’s drama has proved to be futile ,,,she could n!t secure the promise that she wanted…Thankfully she is not as bad as we have taken her to be but not that pious either….The way she threatened to push the wheelchair off the stairs sent shudders down my spine….Her excuse of not doing it intentionally does not suffice…What if the children have not come to the baby’s rescue…..Chsnda’s character really intrigues me….what does she actually want for Shan,I couldn’t make out….
    Naz,I wanted to say this earlier but decided against it as I thought it would sound not only harsh but mean also…How did Chanda,a pr*stitute, become mother to the son of Kolkota’s richest man…Did he choose her to give him a child or was it all planned by Chanda when he would visit her for some relaxation….I think the second might be true ….that’s why she is so particular about Shan’s rights in the Mazumdar family…

  2. Uh huh Lakshmi, that’s what I hinted at yesterday, I would like to believe that Chanda deliberately got pregnant for Arindham, it could really be that as these women of SONA KACHI could release the s*xual tension in men who would come there, Arindham came there for that precise reason and in an unguarded moment, Shan was conceived…remembered he could have been going through some dark moments in his marriage where his wife couldn’t conceive and stumbled on Chanda who took him to the brothel…hey, that’s a thought, suppose Arindham met Chanda in another environment and spent many moments with her culminating in Shan’s conception and not in SONA KACH as we all think ! Just thinking out aloud… Anyways, I’m also becoming upset with these dialogues of Puchki, no child her age has so much wisdom and writers are milking her for all its worth. Initially, I had read that both kids were to be in 12 episodes but I don’t know how they are on for so many more episodes… I think that it’s time NOW for the leap, I can’t bear what’s happening now. Shame doesn’t want to be associated with Puchki anymore and surprise surprise, even Chanda is in his bad books now, how real is that? Can a child Shan’s age make such a pronouncement that he’s ashamed of Chanda being his mom!! Why are writers portraying this little kid as judge of his mother’s character? This is too much…. I can imagine how irked you are right now about the slow pace of impending leap, I am too…

  3. I just want to clear one thing. the place they are referring to is calld Sonagachi and not Sona Kachi. I am from Kolkata. I suppose the pronunciation is not clear from the show and the person who gives written update is also not familiar with the name. I am not criticizing anyone. Just thought that since the show is talking about Sonagachi, people here might want to know the actual name.

    1. Thank you Dhara, I appreciate the correction…sometimes names of characters are incorrect, the updates are not accurate and complete but for viewers like myself I rely on friends like Lakshmi and yourself to correct the inconsistencies and translation at times. I’m from the west so you know I don’t know a lot, although I can watch an episode without translation and understand what’s going on, I still prefer to know exactly what is said for me to understand fully, I prefer detailed translation. Thanks once again…

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