“Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..” Episode 9


Recap: introduction of BEBEE & USHA
     ⏪⏪Episode starts..⏩⏩⏩

Scene 1:
    Evening tym @AMRITSAR
 A Street is shown.
TWINKLE parked her car ?& she was going to a shop.den she heard a voice.

TWINKLE turned & saw a girl about 14 is standing near her car?
D girl went near to TWINKLE.She placed a purse ?in TWINKLE'S hand✋ & Said: "Dili.it's ur's.i saw it falling from ur hand when u leave d car?"
TWINKLE realized dat it was her & she smiled at d girl?

TWINKLE: "Tnk u so much BETA.I was in hurry.dat's why I didn't notice dat.tnz for returning dis to me"
GIRL?:"No need to say tnx.it's my duty.DII..plz check is everything is in it or not"
TWINKLE: "i think der is no need to check it.ur so good & i trust u"?
GIRL: "no DII.plz check it.."
TWINKLE checked d purse ? & found everything is safe in it.
TWINKLE: "haa.everything is safe.achaa..u r looking so cute .?wt is ur name?"
TWINKLE: "hey  NAINA.plz stop.u returned my purse to me.so I hv to give something to u.come on NAINA..let's go to dat shop"
NAINA: "Noo.it's my duty.i don't want any rewards for dat.plz DII."
TWINKLE: "plz NAINA.Don't say no.i know u r  such a honest girl & u r not expecting any rewards for it.but plz for me..plz,"
NAINA: "i m sry DII.but i can't accept it.& In fact my MAA is waiting for me at d market.so i need to go .so bye Dii."
Before she could complete,TWINKLE saw NAINA going to other side of road.
TWINKLE smiled & was about to leave..but den suddenly noticed dat a car ?is coming towards NAINA?.NAINA without looking to dat side is trying to cross d road.
TWINKLE screamed: "NAINA .. plz stop……"
TWINKLE saw one woman is also screaming NAINA's name from D other side of the road.

TWINKLE run towards NAINA & Pulled her from D road by holding her hands.(everything hpnd within seconds..& finally TWINKLE saved NAINA).

NAINA was still in shock.??
TWINKLE hugged her tightly & made her calm.
TWINKLE : "don't worry NAINA.everything is fyn.look at u..u r safe.."
NAINA hugged TWINKLE tightly in d shock.

D woman who screamed NAINA's name reached there & : "NAINAAA….."

(D woman is none other than MOHINI.?remember KUMAR's wife.NAINA is KKUMAR's & MOHINI's daughter. TWINKLE didn't saw MOHINI before & MOHINI didn't saw TWINKLE before. TWINKLE only knows KUMAR )

NAINA identified her Mother's voice & she run to her mother & hugged her tightly

Her Mother also hugged her tightly &  cried hardly.
TWINKLE  while seeing d love bond of a mother-child felt a pain in her heart.tears filled in her eyes.but She composed herself & went near to them
TWINKLE: "so u r NAINA's mother.. don't worry AUNTY.she is fyn..?"
MOHINI: "tnx PUTTAR.u saved My daughter's lyf."
 Before TWINKLE could say something,she heard a huge sound.
TWINKLE saw d car ?which was going to hit NAINA had lost its balance & hit on a tree?.

TWINKLE rushed to there.she went near to d car? through d crowd circled there.she saw about 55-60 aged man inside d car with lot of blood.she seeked help from D crowd  to save dat man.but no one listened to her.with much difficulty she opened d door ?of d car ?.

By seeing TWINKLES attempt to save dat person,NAINA & MOHINI come near to TWINKLE to help her.finally they took dat person outside d car?.with d help of NAINA & MOHINI , TWINKLE placed d man in her car.she noticed his wallet? which was going to fall from his pocket. TWINKLE took d wallet & opened it.she found dat person's licence & visiting card in it.she took d licence & read dat person's name.
  By listening d name,MOHINI got a shock & she stood as a statue…


??frnds..I know something worst happened to my posts.i don't know why…may be networki problem.sorry for dat….??????

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