“Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..” Promo – 1



Scene 1:
  A Boy is seen in boxing gym..He is Fighting wt his competitor..
All people are shouting…"YUVI…YUVI…"
 Face of a handsome boy is revealed..
He wins in the match..
Girls are shouting by saying. "We love u Yuvi"..
A smile appears in his face.
He pass a flying kiss to his fans..& he thinks ..
"Boxing jeetna aasaan Hei.Lekin ek sacha pyaar milna itni aasaan nabi Hei…( "It is easy to win in boxing..but it is hard to get a true love")..
Scene 2:
 A beautiful girl with a beautiful salwar (looks like modern)is walking through the park.She saw a girl wearing salwar &with a specs(like a simply village girl) is crying & a boy  is teasing her..
Boy:"look at u..do u realy think that anyone can love u..u foolish..came to propose me..u behenji….stay in ur limits.."
The boy picked dupatta from the girl & started to laugh at that village girl.The ( village) girl is weeping by placing her both hands across her  chest..
The girl watching this come near to the boy & slapped the boy.She pulled the dupatta from his hand & give to the crying girl & turning to the boy: "Who give u d right to insult a girl.if u don't love her,then say it directly.dont afain try to tease girls like this..u  got it!!""..
A voice is heard :"MAHI….if teaching is done ,come quick  "..
By hearing this girl who slapped the Boy  turns & says:. "Haa..coming.."
Mahi passes an angry stare to the boy &Mahi left with the crying girl..

Scene shifts to Face of  YUVI & MAHi (same who slapped the boy)….,??

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  1. Ramya

    Awesome amazing episode dear Loved it n twinj ka scene kab dogi plsss asap

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Tnx Ramya for ur first comment.☺
      Plz wait for my next promo dear…?

  2. Adya

    Even I luved it yrr….it was awesome….fab yrr…yuhi scenes was explained soo nicely……post soon plssssss…….
    Loads of love…..

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Tnx Adya.
      Wil post soon..

  3. Nice1 pls. Try giving twinj scenes

  4. KarthikaJasmin

    Tnx Kamal..☺

  5. Zuha Fatima

    Nice….I liked it….First FF over here which regards a story specifically to Yuvi…Thanks for such a marvelous story ♡♡♡

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Tnx Zuha.
      But i am sry to say tthat it’s not only Yuvi’s love story.?keeep reading frnd..
      I think u wil like it..
      & Tnx for dat cute advice..
      I will always ?????

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing….

  7. Chiku

    Waiting for the episode ❤️❤️

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Tnx Chiku…

  8. It was amazing.. loved it ❤

    1. KarthikaJasmin



  9. SidMin

    Loved to it is the first ff which started with a Yuhi scene 🙂 Post soon 🙂 But is Twinj also in it ?

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Tnx SidMin..
      Ss frnd..
      TWINJ too ..
      Keep reading??

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