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“Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..” Episode 8


    "yeh tashan hei aur ishq hai.."" episode 7:

hlo frnds ..
here is d link for  episode 6:

suddenly a voice
voice: "no need bebee..i'm here..😊😊"
 a handsome boy👦 is shown wt his cutest face😚😙…(ss none other than our kunj😚😚)

kunj went near to bebee & took blessings of his bebee..
bebee: "jeete raho hamesha ghush raho"😇(always stay happy & blessed)
kunj: "if u r wt me,den wt's need to worry?"
he made his perfect one eyebrow look😙😙😙..oh frnds…l ❤❤ it..
bebee: "aaha.. stop buttering me.. come & hv breakfast..🍳☕"
kunj: "bebee..i m already late.i hv a pgm today..i need to rush.i will eat later.u plz carry on.."
bebee(wt her full attitude): "kunj..i told u.hv ur breakfast.after it u can go wherever u it👍?

kunj: " k bebee. ur wish is my command"(😉)
kunj went to hv his breakfast.den bebee's phone rings📱📱. bebee attnd d call.
( frnds it will be a telephonic conversation📞.london🌉 vs amritsar🌄.. hope u understand..👍)

bebee(by seeing d name & attending d call): "aah usha..hw r u?"
usha(in other side amritsar): "aa bebee.i m good.wt abt u bebee?hw is ur health?"
bebee: "aa. i m good too ..hw is noonu & mahi puttar?"
usha:"aaha.everyone is good.mahi went to jaipur to attnd her frnd's mrg👸.she will return tonight.⛺."
bebee: "is she went alone?😮"
usha:"no bebee.wt her frnds in our car🚘.i send our driver prem along wt them."
bebee:" dat's good☺"

usha:" bebee..hw is kunj?"
bebee:"haa.he is wt me.i will give phone to him."📞
kunj took d phone📞
kunj:" haa maa."
usha:" kunj puttar,r u k? is everything ok?"😮
kunj:" haa too good.wt hpnd maa?ur sound looks so tnzd?"🤔
usha:"ntng puttar.actually i saw a  bad dream yesterday.dats why."😯
kunj:" don't worry maa.i m completely fyn.wr is chutki maa?"👧
usha: "she went to jaipur.her frnd nisha's mrg.soo"
kunj:" oh i forgot..she had told abt to me"
usha:" hw is ur studies going?"
kunj:" too good maa."☺
usha:" u can continue ur studies by staying here too.right puttar?"
kunj: "maa.u know.i don't want to talk abt dat plz"😕
usha:" i know.but still i want to see u before my eyes dr..😢kk.just leave it.don't u want to know about ur paapaa?"
kunj stood silent for some tym.

kunj:" i know.there is no need to ask about him.he will be always happy. in fact he already destroyed his son's happiness for his own happiness he will always be happy.right maa?😑"
usha: "kunj!!!not again😢"
kunj:" maa.i need to go.i will talk to u later."

kunj passed d phone 📞 to bebee & went away.
bebee(on call):" hello.usha.r u k?"
usha: "i don't know bebee wt to do.8 yrs had passed.still he is angry wt his father.i know wt his father did to him was not correct.but wt can i do.u know dat his father never listen to anyone.expect u.. i want my son to be with me always.. but …😢"
bebee:" don't worry usha.everything will be fyn."👍
usha: " during 8 years he came only twice in amritsar & stayed wt me for only 2 days.dat too without his dad's presence..😢😢"
bebee: "don't worry ..he will forgive his father.. u don't took stress.👍"
usha: "i hope so..achaa bebee.i will call u later.may god bless u.."
bebee: "may god bless u too.k"
📞☎call ended

bebee(to herself): "god.i know everything hpnd wt my kunj was soo bad.plz bhagvan.. plz shower  ur blessings upon him always😇.plz return his jasmin to him again..😢😢😢".

       ⏪⏪episode ends⏩⏩

🔵🔵frnds ..i know it was a small part.sry for dat.actually i hv my exams on dis month..dat's why.

kk let's introduce d main characters in dis ff..

twinkle taneja: daughter of famous bussiness man raman taneja & bussiness woman leela taneja.
due to some reasons twinkle is angry wt her parents &  not staying wt her parents.stays in her family frnd 's(ashok luthra) house in amritsar 【reason will be revealed later】

yuvaraj luthra: son of famous bussiness man ashok luthra & anitha luthra.twinkle's bzt frnd.

kunj sarna: son of manohar sarna & usha sarna.due to some reason he is angry wt his father.(reason will be revealed later)
he stays in london wt his father's sister , bebee.

mahi sarna: daughter of manohar sarna & usha sarna.younger sister of kunj.

cherry & chinki: bzt frnds of yuvi & twinki

kumar,his wife mohini & their daughter naina: mysterious people(mystery will be revealed later).

so hope u all got an idea about dis ff..

kk..bye..see u later…

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  1. Baby

    amazing episode kunj was soooo cute pta nhi wats d mystry post soon cant w8… 😀
    love u lods♥♥

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