“Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..” Episode 8


    "yeh tashan hei aur ishq hai.."" episode 7:

hlo frnds ..
here is d link for  episode 6:

episode 6

recap :"sid/kunj's entry..""

⏪⏪so let's start wt d new episode..☺⏩⏩

scene 1:

    ??london??(sss ..frnds ..it is in london..)
    a villa is shown.
 an aged woman is shown reading newspaper in dinning hall.
voice : "bebee..aapka juice??.."(ur juice..)
the woman smiled at d man(ss..she is none other than our sweet bebee..?).
bebee: "das where is kunj? didn't wake up yet?"
das:" don't know bebee..i will call him"
bebee: "it's ok,das.i will call him..☺"

suddenly a voice
voice: "no need bebee..i'm here..??"
 a handsome boy? is shown wt his cutest face??…(ss none other than our kunj??)

kunj went near to bebee & took blessings of his bebee..
bebee: "jeete raho hamesha ghush raho"?(always stay happy & blessed)
kunj: "if u r wt me,den wt's need to worry?"
he made his perfect one eyebrow look???..oh frnds…l ❤❤ it..
bebee: "aaha.. stop buttering me.. come & hv breakfast..?☕"
kunj: "bebee..i m already late.i hv a pgm today..i need to rush.i will eat later.u plz carry on.."
bebee(wt her full attitude): "kunj..i told u.hv ur breakfast.after it u can go wherever u want.got it??

kunj: " k bebee. ur wish is my command"(?)
kunj went to hv his breakfast.den bebee's phone rings??. bebee attnd d call.
( frnds it will be a telephonic conversation?.london? vs amritsar?.. hope u understand..?)

bebee(by seeing d name & attending d call): "aah usha..hw r u?"
usha(in other side amritsar): "aa bebee.i m good.wt abt u bebee?hw is ur health?"
bebee: "aa. i m good too ..hw is noonu & mahi puttar?"
usha:"aaha.everyone is good.mahi went to jaipur to attnd her frnd's mrg?.she will return tonight.⛺."
bebee: "is she went alone??"
usha:"no bebee.wt her frnds in our car?.i send our driver prem along wt them."
bebee:" dat's good☺"

usha:" bebee..hw is kunj?"
bebee:"haa.he is wt me.i will give phone to him."?
kunj took d phone?
kunj:" haa maa."
usha:" kunj puttar,r u k? is everything ok?"?
kunj:" haa maa.im too good.wt hpnd maa?ur sound looks so tnzd?"?
usha:"ntng puttar.actually i saw a  bad dream yesterday.dats why."?
kunj:" don't worry maa.i m completely fyn.wr is chutki maa?"?
usha: "she went to jaipur.her frnd nisha's mrg.soo"
kunj:" oh i forgot..she had told abt to me"
usha:" hw is ur studies going?"
kunj:" too good maa."☺
usha:" u can continue ur studies by staying here too.right puttar?"
kunj: "maa.u know.i don't want to talk abt dat matter.so plz"?
usha:" i know.but still i want to see u before my eyes dr..?kk.just leave it.don't u want to know about ur paapaa?"
kunj stood silent for some tym.

kunj:" i know.there is no need to ask about him.he will be always happy. in fact he already destroyed his son's happiness for his own happiness ..so he will always be happy.right maa??"
usha: "kunj!!!not again?"
kunj:" maa.i need to go.i will talk to u later."

kunj passed d phone ? to bebee & went away.
bebee(on call):" hello.usha.r u k?"
usha: "i don't know bebee wt to do.8 yrs had passed.still he is angry wt his father.i know wt his father did to him was not correct.but wt can i do.u know dat his father never listen to anyone.expect u.. i want my son to be with me always.. but …?"
bebee:" don't worry usha.everything will be fyn."?
usha: " during 8 years he came only twice in amritsar & stayed wt me for only 2 days.dat too without his dad's presence..??"
bebee: "don't worry ..he will forgive his father.. u don't took stress.?"
usha: "i hope so..achaa bebee.i will call u later.may god bless u.."
bebee: "may god bless u too.k"
?☎call ended

bebee(to herself): "god.i know everything hpnd wt my kunj was soo bad.plz bhagvan.. plz shower  ur blessings upon him always?.plz return his jasmin to him again..???".

       ⏪⏪episode ends⏩⏩

??frnds ..i know it was a small part.sry for dat.actually i hv my exams on dis month..dat's why.

kk let's introduce d main characters in dis ff..

twinkle taneja: daughter of famous bussiness man raman taneja & bussiness woman leela taneja.
due to some reasons twinkle is angry wt her parents &  not staying wt her parents.stays in her family frnd 's(ashok luthra) house in amritsar 【reason will be revealed later】

yuvaraj luthra: son of famous bussiness man ashok luthra & anitha luthra.twinkle's bzt frnd.

kunj sarna: son of manohar sarna & usha sarna.due to some reason he is angry wt his father.(reason will be revealed later)
he stays in london wt his father's sister , bebee.

mahi sarna: daughter of manohar sarna & usha sarna.younger sister of kunj.

cherry & chinki: bzt frnds of yuvi & twinki

kumar,his wife mohini & their daughter naina: mysterious people(mystery will be revealed later).

so hope u all got an idea about dis ff..

kk..bye..see u later…

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  1. Baby

    amazing episode kunj was soooo cute pta nhi wats d mystry post soon cant w8… 😀
    love u lods♥♥

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