“Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..” Episode 5



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Episode 4

So here we go for d next episode…
Scene 1:
YUVI enters into home.ANITHA was waiting in the couch.
ANITHA(seeing YUVI): ” YUVI.u returned.is everything done?”
YUVI:” Haa .MOM. everything is done perfectly.u don’t worry.”
ANITHA: “why should I worry,when i hv my two brilliant children r wt me…”?
YUVI: “right.MOM.Haa MOM.TWINKI is not arrived yet?”
ANITHA:” Ha.she already arrived.she is in her room.but YUVI.?..”
YUVI(sensing tnzn on ANITHA’s face,sitting near to her):”HAA MOM.wt hpnd? Is everything k?”
ANITHA: “Haa YUVI.TWINKI  seemed to be very gloomy after returning home.CHINKI told dat TWINKI was cheerful through shopping.but after a while she seemed to be in some tnZn.& when I asked her d reason she just said she hv headache dat’s why.but i m sure,dat TWINKI Is lying..?.”
YUVI:” wt hpnd to her suddenly? MOM.u don’t worry.i will talk to her.i m sure she can’t hide anything from me..?”

YUVI is moving to upstairs.
YUVI(turning his face to her): “haa MOM.booloo..(say).”
ANITHA: “SON..dr is an another matter too..I need to tell u…”
YUVI:” ha .say it then MOM.”
ANITHA:” it’s …dat.. when she was sitting wt me..She got LEELA’S call..”
YUVI: “wt?!! LEELA AUNTY!!but why?”
ANITHA:” u know dat .she wants to talk to TWINKI..”
YUVI: “but u know dat TWINKI is not interested in talking wt LEELA AUNTY..den why did u allowed AUNTY to talk wt her??”
ANITHA: ” i know..but LEELA IS OUR TWINKI’S MOM!.she hv d right to talk wt her daughter.we cannot reject dat right.& u know LEELA IS MY CHILDHOOD FRND too.so how can I stop her??”.
YUVI:” but how is TWINKI after dat call?”
ANITHA: “u know her anger. She stood in silent & disconnected d call before LEELA stop.& went her room  & sitting like a statue in her room. complete silently. Don’t know wt will hpn to my POOR PRINCESS  ?why still she is hunted by her past.? Why she can’t never forgot her past ??”(crying).
YUVI(Wiping her tears): “kk.. don’t worry.MOM.i know how to take care of MY BABY DOLL.U chill.kk”

YUVI went to TWINKI’S room.

Scene 2:
TWINKLE’s room.
YUVI enters into the room.she saw TWINKI sitting in d balcony.her eyes r filled wt tears & her nose turned to red in colour(ss..she was crying hardly.?but now standing as a statue).
YUVI went near to TWINKIKLE. TWINKLE was lost in her thoughts &so she didn’t realize YUVI’s presence.

YUVI stood in front of TWINKLE & hold her face in his hands & looked into her eyes.

YUVI:” ohh.look….my BABY DOLL’S is fuming in anger..oh…GOD ..plz save dis poor boy from dis KAALI..”?

TWINKLE didn’t respond anything…
YUVI: “seems lyk my BABY DOLL still is  in anger.so i hv to do something…wt will i do???Haa.if my BABY DOLL fuming in anger..so I can make her freeze by dis…???????right MY BABY DOLL..?”
YUVI took d ?? box & took some ice cream from d box   in his hand & moved towards TWINKLE..
TWINKLE( by seeing YUVI’s movement.stepping backwards.): “no.no.YUVI.U can’t do dis..no..YUVI..not again..??””
YUVI: “i will ..my BABY DOLL. try to save u from my ???attack”?

TWINKLE: “no..no.”
She started to run all around d room &YUVI ran behind her to catch her. YUVI applied icecream in TWINKLE’S face & TWINKLE too applied in YUHI’S face..& dis is repeated & slowly TWINKLE ‘s cutest smile come back in her face.??

After a long fight,YUVI fell into one side of d bed & TWINKLE also went to the other side of d bed..& they looked into each other ‘s face.&they started to laugh hardly by seeing their faces…..

Scene 3:
YUVI is sitting in d balcony & TWINKLE is resting her head in his shoulder..

YUVI: “haa.. my BABY DOLL..”
TWINKLE: “sry..?”
YUVI: “sry 4 wt?”TWINKLE: “i know I m making u all sad by my this type of acts.. ANITHA MAA too seemed to be so sad by seeing me lyk dis..but..wt can I..do…I really. .. don’t want me lyk dis.but..still..I don’t know ..wt is happening wt me…”.
YUVI: “don’t worry.MY BABY DOLL.U just relax..we all know u..no more sentitalks..kk”
TWINKLE: “YUVI..u & ur family always stood wt me when I feel I m alone..at every stage in my lyf..”
YUVI: “Hey BABY DOLL.i said ..no more senti talks..u r my BZzzzt frnd…no..not just a frnd…more dan frnd…..?”
TWINKLE: “i know..u always stood wt me in every role in my lyf.sometimes lyk a caring,responsible  brother..smtyms lyk a fighting frnd.. .. S o..o…”
YUVI(while putting his hands on her mouth): “hey MISS.FMM.i said no more senti talks….now I will ask u..u need to give me the reply.u got it??”

TWINKLE nodded her head & smilled. YUVI released his hands from her mouth.

YUVI: “haa..so tell wt hpnd to u when u went shopping wt CHINKI..?”

TWINKLE’s smile vanished. YUVI noticed dat.
YUVI: “Hey..wt hpnd?”
TWINKLE: “YUVI. I saw him today !!?..?””
YUVI: “whom??”
TWINKLE: “KUMAR UNCLE!!after a long a leap!!”

YUVI(in surprise): “KUMAR UNCLE !!u mean SID KI …????””
TWINKLE nodded her head.

Episode ends wt TWINKLE’s & YUVI’s face..


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  1. Hey karthika is this a TwiNj ff?

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Plz wait dr….?

  2. Adya

    Awesome…. amazing…
    Post soon…

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      “HI ADYA… hw u ..?ur ffs “A night that brought my happiness back.”,”Should I confess??” R awesome……keep writing…????

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

  4. Awesome.. twiraj scenes were so cute.. do cont soon ❤

  5. Ramya

    Awesome amazing
    Plss asap

  6. Ramya

    Awesome amazing
    Plss asap can’t wait

  7. Awesome….plzzzz try to post nxt asap

  8. Hai yaar.I’am commenting first here.You’re story is just awsome. Continue like this. Waiting for next eps.But pls say or give a hint to know the pair of the story.Is it a TWINJ/TWIRAJ?

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Hi BARBIE DOLL…??
      TNX 4 D COMMENT..?
      SO PLZ WAIT DR…☺☺

  9. Loved it 🙂

  10. It was amazing awesome mindblowing epi…. post next asap…


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