“Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..” Episode 4


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  College parking area..

YUVI: " So guys . Let"s leave..Right BABY DOLL!!."
TWINKLE: "Haa.ofcourse.. IDIOT."

Suddenly YUVI'S phone rings.YUVI attend d phone.

YUVI: "Haa.MOM.."
ANITHA: "YUVI,r u in clg now?"
YUVI: "ss.MOM.classes r over.we r returning.."
ANITHA: "Haa BETA(SON),Our Event Manager said that decorations r done.ur pappa is not here.he is in a meeting.so u go & check it.if everything is k or not..kk."
YUVI: "haa MOM.I will."
ANITHA:" k fyn BETA?."

Call ended.

YUVI: "BABY DOLL.I have to meet our event manager.h v some work.r u coming wt me?"
TWINKLE: No.no..i will not?.."
YUVI smiled seeing TWINKLE's expression..

CHINKI: "TWINKI,so u do one thing.U know na sunday is my cousin GAYA'S mrg.I need some shoping.so come & join me…"
YUVI & CHERRY(together): " wt shopping!!??."
CHINKI(With angry stare):" Ha . Shoping.so wt?"
CHERRY: "Hey.nothing."( & give  naughty smile to YUVI."
TWINKLE: "Haa.CHINKI.dats a gd plan.so IDIOT.i will go wt CHINKI.."
YUVI: "K.fyn.i will come to pick u after my. Work."
CHINKI: "it's k  YUVI.i will drop TWINKLE after shopping.."
YUVi: "kk then.Tc BABY DOLL.bye CHINKI.bye CHERRY."
TWINKLE: "u too tc IDIOT.haa. don't try to misuse this opportunity.u got na.no flirting!!??".
YUVI: " Me!! flirting!!! never??"
Then TWINKLE left wt CHINKI.YUVI & CHERRY too left..

Scene 2:
YUVI is returning after his work in his byk.

YUVI:" Oh I forgot.i hv to buy???? ?? for BABY DOLL.Else She will never leave me.."

YUVI parked his byk  near the parlour & when he started to enter to the parlour he heard a scream…

""THIEF.. THIEF.someone plz help me..""
YUVI saw a man snatching an old woman"s purse &she was trying to resist the thief.but the theif pushed the old woman hardly &she fall into the ground & the theif ran away. YUVI rushed to old woman & made her to stand & seated her in the nearby bench

YUVI: "Aunty,r u k?"
WOMAN: " i am fyn son.plz catch the theif  dr son.my money…"?(started to cry??)
YUVI: " don't worry Aunty.u sit here.u wiil not loose ur money.."

YUVI fumed in anger & he run to catch the theif.& After a long race YUVI Caught the theif & he started to beat the theif hardly.

YUVI:"how dare u to push that woman.don't know to respect woman.don't worry.i wil teach u.."(he beated. Him hardly..?????)
THEIF: " Sry sir,plz leave me . I wil never do it sir.leave me.haaaa?????"

The purse fell from the theif.YUVi stopped beating  & he took the purse.when he was trying to beat  the theif again,some one pushed him form back & he lost his balance & he fall into ground..

YUVI(fuming in anger): "wt the f***!"
 He turned back & then he saw a beautiful girl full attitude looking at him in anger..

( It's Our MAHIII ….D same cute,beautiful MAHI.?.But in my ff she is a smart & confident girl?.i hope u lyk it?).

YUVI angrily got up & give anger stare to MAHI.

YUVI: "hey.don't u hv eyes..?why did u push me down??"
MAHI:" u THEIF.!!u questioning me..?? U THEIF.return d AUNTY'S Purse or else…!!??"
YUVI: "or else wt?& Who r u to give orders to me??& By the way I am not THEIF..1 sec where is the THEIF??""

Then YUVi saw the THEIF running .

YUVI(trying to run After him): "Hey stop there.."
MAHI(holding his hands tightly): "r u trying to escape from me.? U can't.."
YUVI(trying to release her hand): "hey hlo Miss wt ever u r . don't u have ears too.don't hear wt i said.i am not thief & d real thief is running there.so leave my hand.i need to catch him."
MAHI(In full attitude): "hey don't try to play ur tricks on me.i am  not a fool.& look at u.looking gentle & having costly dress.. but still stealing..I will hand over u to the police??".
YUVI: "i told u i m not THEIF..leave my hand.i respect ladies dat's why i m behaving in dis good manner.or else….?""

 MAHI: "or else wt?? don't try to fear me..(& to the crowd)hey.. everyone..why r u al standing lyk dis .help me  to hand over this THEIF to police.."

The people standing there whispered to each other & then they come near to YUVI to beat him.

YUVI:" hey  wt r u going to do?.i m not THEIF".
 The people were starting to beat him suddenly a voice heard..


it was d same old woman .. everyone stand as in statue.

MAHI snatched the purse from YUVI & gave to dat woman..

MAHI: "AUNTY.Don't worry.ur money is safe.& here is d THIEF who snatched  ur purse." & She angrily looked to YUVI.

OLD WOMAN: "NO DAUGHTERS.HE IS NOT  THEIF.infact he tried to help me. he come here to catch D THEIF.i said him to catch D THEIF.lyk i said to u.u misunderstood him.."

MAHI got as sudden shock.& She was unable to face YUVI.She hide her eye contact wt him.OLD WOMAN Come near to YUVI.

OLD WOMAN: "Tnx SON.U saved my money.& instead of appreciating u everyone misunderstood u.sry SON  realy sry."
YUVI: "No AUNTY.Plz don't say tnx to me.it's my duty.u don't need to say sry & tnx to me.if three is someone need to say sry then that person is…."

YUVI turned to see MAHI..& she was not there.He searched her & he found she is going  in a car by driving in a puppy wala face????.

YUVI(in his mind): " so she escaped ..but it's k .I will catch her later..""????


       ◀◀Episode ends▶▶
  I am sry frnds ..for posting same episode  again.. there was a part missed in the previous post..
Dat's why…
Plz forgive me….????

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