“Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..” Episode 2



Recap: Introduction of ASHOK LUTHRA,ANITHA LUTHRA,TWINKLE TANEJA &YUVARAJ LUTHRA.some funny family moments.

So here we go for the next episode?

 Scene 1:
 Episode starts wt TWINKLE's shocking face.

TWINKLE:" U liar..how dare u.. ANITHA MAA ,aap bilkul teek kahathee hei.( what u said   was correct & always will be correct).No one can trust this Liar.
 Yesterday he pleaded me to do his project for him.I remember,u always told to me that don't make him lazy by doing his  works /projects for him.
But since I helped him.& U know ANITHA MAA,when i was doing his project yesterday instead of helping me, he was playing  basketball..idiot.."

ANITHA looked YUHI ,who was playing  with a ball by sitting in the couch..He is  listening what TWINKLE says but he avoided eye contact wt them..?
TWINKLE: " Look..Look ANITHA MAA,See..still he doing the same thing. ..After completing his project,it was me who cleaned his room & placed everything at proper place..I was returned to my room after that..
 But this IDIOT came  to my room & slept in the couch by saying """DON'T DISTURB ME!!"". gd
  & I obeyed him & i slept in my bed..&  see what is doing….. U Liar..I will not leave u.."

Saying dis she throw the pillar to him..?
YUHI catched d pillar  & give an attitude look to her..??.

TWINKLE:(trying to hit YUVI wt another pillar):" I m gona screw u IDIOT.."..

 ANITHA( who is trying to control  her laugh by seeing the fight between them.):"Kk. Kk.plz stop dis Tom & Jerry fight …?. & Go get ready  ..u have classes today… quick.."..

ANITHA left d room. TWINKLE give an angry stare to YUVI.& YUVI give an attitude look to her..

Scene 2:
        TWIRAJ enters d clg in YUVI'S byk.. They went near to their  frnds.
(New characters: CHINKI & CHERRY .same characters in TEI SERIAL.but CHERRY Is not a villan in dis.He has +ve role in dis.? They are TWIRAJ'S frnds)..

TWIRAJ:"Hey guys"..
CK(short for CHINKI & CHERRY):" Haa buddies.."
They give a friendship wala hug to each other.

YUVI:"So  how is d preparations going on..?"
CHERRY: "everything  is going on perfect..".
CHINKI :" So TWINKI,How is ur practices going on.."

Hearing this,TWINKLE's smile vanished.

TWINKLE(In low tune):" going good."
CHINKI:" hey wt hpnd?.r u still not interested in it.??
TWINKLE didn't give any reply . Simply she looked into YUVI.YUVI understands dat she is still not interested in it..
He side hugged TWINKLE.

YUVI: "who said dat she is not interested.she is my PUNJABI PATTAKA..& she will surely participate in it.She promised me dat.
Right TWINKLE??""

TWINKLE ( trying to smile):" Haa.I will.but only for u.."

They 4 had some funny moments & they went to their classes..

After classes,when they 4 are walking through the  corridor,a boy intensely side pushed TWINKLE.TWINKLE was going to fall into the floor but YUVI hold her..

YUVI : "R U fyn. BABY DOLL?"
TWINKLE: "Haa MY IDIOT.i m totally fyn."

YUVI hold TWINKLE 's hand & made her stand proper & he angrily looked into Boy,who pushed TWINKLE..

CHEERY (While giving a puppy wala face to dat boy) : " Bachaa(Child) ,u r gone..???""

YUVI started to beat  dat boy..

YUVI: " How dare u touch my BABY DOLL…I will not leave u.."
 He beated d boy very Hardly.Blood come out from his nose,hands..

TWINKLE(trying to stop YUVI): "Hey YUVI.stop it.no More..he will die otherwise..plz stop it YUVI.."

some boys come to stop YUVI,But when he give them an angry stare they end their effort .

YUVI was going to hit d boy With a plant pot,but TWINKLE hold his hand s.

TWINKLE: "YUVI..stop it .. R u going to kill him??
just stop it. YUVI .plz only for me.."
YUVI stopped beating & quickly CHERRY take the pot from his hand & placed it in d floor..
YUVI was still in anger & TWINKLE hold his hands tightly

CHERRY(to the boys standing at their): "Hey is there anyone for him??if yes,then took him from here.otherwise ..u all know..right??""

2 boys come near to the Boy & hold him..
One of d boy(While holding d boy): "Sry YUVI ..He is new to our clg.He doesn't know anything.Plz forgive him..he will not repeat it again YUVI.."

YUVI is in still in anger & he turned his face from them & CHERRY signed them to took dat boy from there..

Boys left with d boy.
(While going )one of d Boy to the  injured boy: "Bless d god for saving u.. how much times we  told u that don't try your tricks on Dat TWINKLE..BUt u never listened.
Look at u..how much u got..!!""

Another boy to the injured boy: "it's  better to u took a long  leave .. otherwise u will got more gifts lyk dis.do u know he is national boxing star..& Dat TWINKLE Is his greatest priority.
He can't see someone troubles her.She is so important to him.& For TWINKLE too ..
U understand?""

D injured boy(trying to hide his pain but failed):" haaa?????..""

Scene shifts to TWIRAj..

TWINKLE (raising her voice):" IDIOT..r u mad.. how much tyms i told u don't raise ur anger.Itna gussaa!!! Teek nahi hei(dis much of anger …not good..)but u Will never listen me..
How much anger!!!..look how much u beated him!!!.."

YUVI(in angry tone): "I don't care. How  dare he to touch u.it was not a mistake by him.
He intensely done it.dat's why I..""

CHERRY : "Haa TWINKI.U know him well right??
He never leave anyone who misbehave wt u.."

TWINKLE: "I know..but look at him.still he is shivering in anger. I  don't want to see my IDIOT Like dis..U all know dat i too cares for him…dis anger..it is too much ..I am afraid of it. .. IDIOT..u know na..I never want to loose u..just lyk i lost………………..""

TWINKLE cannot complete her words.she slowly fell into some thoughts(past thoughts…sry  will be revealed later).

YUVI seeing TWINKI in dat state,hugged her tightly & said: "Hey MY BABY DOLL.. don't think dis much..I will not leave u..I will always wt u…kk .. fyn.""
TWINKLE who wake up from her thoughts  too hugged him tightly & smiled..

CHINKI & CHERRY(together): " hey include us too..""
 & They all had friendship  hug..

 TWINKLE: (trying to divert d topic):
" U IDIOT..now u have to feed me my favourite icecreams as much as I say as ur punishment ..got it!!""

YUVI(''''WHAT ""' vala look): "For what.?.??""

CHERRY:( in a funny tone) "For removing her make up.right TWINKI!!!""
YUVI, CHINKI & CHERRY start to laugh hardly.

TWINKLE give a puppy wala face  & she too joined with themm????

♠♠Episode ends♠♠

Preecape: "???MAHI'S ENTRY??

Here is d link for my episode 1:


◀◀◀◀I hope u lyk it..?.▶▶▶▶


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      Possessive brother ?

      Keep reading..
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