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“Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..” Episode 13



Here is d link for episode 12:

Episode 12

RECAP: "MANOHAR needs Blood.TWINKLE searching for donor.Some goons are chasing MAHI."


🔺🔺SCENE 1:
  MAHI: "U!!!! here😲"
D man  removed d sunglass 🕶 from his eyes.
MAN: "U CHIPKALI.🤖!!U here!?"
d MAN's face is shown & he is  none other than our Handsome & Charming YUVI!!😘
MAHI:"U THEIF!!u here??"
YUVI:"hey CHIPKALI.keep ur mouth much tym i told u dat i m not a thief.😡But u don't hv d tym to listen. u r full bzy on making urself as a super heroine in front of others.."😞

MAHI: "woh.i had a misunderstanding.but look at ur face..Ur face exactly look lyks a THEIF.😛so anyone can think lyk me dat u r a it was not my mistake..😞"
MAHI give him full attitude look.😎 YUVI give her WHAT-WALA look.😮
YUVI: "u r insulting my face.hey look.I m d coolest guy in AMRITSAR.& Every girl in d AMRITSAR r dying for my Gaining my attention..& who r u to judge me?.look at ur face.ek dam CHIPKALI jaise.😜"
MAHI: "hey I!!.I m not CHIPKALI.."😲
den they both start arguing.

VOICE: "if ur fight is over,den give some tym to us BEAUTY..!!"
MAHI & YUVI turned to see d source of voice & dey found d goons standing behind them.

YUVI(wt a  funny shocking face😭):"oh MY GOD..I thought u r just a CHIPKALI..but it seems … dat.ur not an ordinary girl.. having frndship wt dis goons.🕵oh GOD..I m gone😦😦..hey ladki..Issme tera boyfriend koon hei?"
MAHI: "😠Shut up boyfriend..& no friendship.. i don't know them before..😕my car was breakdown & driver went to workshop to get d mechanic 🛠🔩.i was left alone in d car 🚘&dis goons started to chase me.."
YUVI: "woh.. How Nice story..😀.u have excellent talent in making story..u have a big future in film direction..& where is he ??"
YUVI started to look  around ..🤔

MAHI: "who?& What are u searching for?"🙃
YUVI:"arrey..story seems lyk a film.. HEROINE👸 runs from d goons..GOONS chasing HEROINE..& der must be a HERO to protect d HEROINE from d GOONS.. lyk in every film.. RIGHT?so I was searching for d HERO..🤔 Actually sec…how can u be a HEROINE??U look lyk a negative character..lyk negative SIS-IN-LAW.OR neative SAASUMAA..😉"
MAHI(fumes in anger):😠"hey MR.ATTITUDE..for GOD's sake,will u plz keep it mouth shut..I was right about u..u r such….such… unbearable…"
YUVI: "& wt abt u .. CHIPKALI.."
Dey both again started to fight..

GOONS: "hey..stop fighting.. it's our .."
Goons start walking near to them.
MAHI(seeing d GOONS): " hey..r u here to watch d Movie? something…"
YUVI(making funny  innocent face😞):"wt will i do?&why ?look at them..ohh so much muscles..
BROS.. hats offf guys..u all maintaining body well.i feel jealous on u🤐🤐"
GOON:"Tnks  BAI..we thought u r here to rescue her..but it seems dat u r also lyk us"
& They laughed.
YUVI:"wt..??me.. saving her.. BROTHERS ..why  I take risk of my heAlth by messing wt way.. BROTHERS..I am giving u😑 advice.plz keep away from her..she is dangerous"

GOONS: "U don't worry BRO..we will handle it..u just go"👍
YUVI: " u wish..carry on..BYE BROS.."👋
YUVI started d byk.
MAHI(seeing dis get more frightened 😭& blocked YUVI):"hey..why r u doing dis to mee.look ..I m in danger..& u r going without even noticing me.. don't u have any humanity?""
YUVI:"hey hlo.. CHIPKALI..why do I save u..ur such a brave girl..I know u can handle these.&waise bhi..u made me a THEIF dat day😦..& now u r trying to making me a GUNDA 😈"
MAHI: "k.kk.i admit dat i made a mistake dat day..I m ready to say sorry to u.but plz don't leave me here…plz…😢😢"
 GOONS: "Hey BABY..why r u crying.?plz don't cry BABY.COme on…I will wipe ur tears.."
One of d GOONS  went near to MAHI & he was about to touch MAHI,den some one pushed him & he fell down on d road by hitting on a tree.🎄
MAHI & GOONS gets shocked 😲..dey looked On YUVI…
YUVI wt full attitude jumped down from d byk ..
YUVI: "i warned u.. don't mess wt her & keep away from will be danger to u.but u don't see what happens.."😎
D GOONS angrily rushed to YUVI & a big fight occured between them…
MAHI was watching d fight..
MAHI(having lost in YUVI'S action power): "oh GOD..d way he slap them..d way he beat them..😚😚how strong he is..😊"
suddenly MAHI composed herself .
MAHI: "hey MAHI..Just relax.. Why r u lost in him..change ur mind.don't give him so much importance"😐
MAHI was lost in her thoughts so she didn't see dat a GOON is  walking from behind towards her    

wt a wooden stick.he was about to hit her  but suddenly YUVI pulled her towards him & MAHI head rested on YUVI'S chest..YUVI gave d MAN big beat &d GOON fell down on d road.MAHI who was closing her eyes tightly 😂& hugging YUVI tightly by placing her head on her chest ,slowly looked into YUVI'S d same tym YUVI also looked to her..Dey shared an intense eyelock 😍(🎶🎶background tune of "Tumhe  apna banana ka junoon.."from HATE STORY 3 plays..🎶🎶)

YUVI: "am I really look hot?"😊
MAHI(who was lost in YUVI): "ss.. ofcourse..🤗"
YUVI: "am I really look handsome?"😋
MAHI: "ss.ofcourse🤗"
YUVI: "am I really look cool?😆"
MAHI: "ss.ofcourse"🤗

YUVI: "so .dat means..ur falling on me…😎right?"
MAHI: "ss.. ofcourse"😊
YUVI give her naughty smile to her 😉 :"oh really!!r u sure?"
MAHI then composed herself..😞: "no.. never.."
YUVI: "den..why r hugging me tightly😉?"
MAHI then realized their position.she removed her hand from YUVI & come back to her own position..
YUVI while giving a naughty smile to MAHI😉turned to d GOONS.
YUVI: "hey..u dear lovely Brothers…I m giving u all 5's better u all to escape from here.otherwise i have to repeat my special treat to u..I m sure u all enjoyed my company very well.right!😎"
All d GOONS had got  several wounds in all most every part of their body& dey r unable to stand proper ..d GOONS left d place without wasting d tym.
YUVI & MAHI left alone..😊
YUVI: "wohhh..GOD..U saved d GOONS from dis CHIPKALI..but wt abt me😣😣?""
MAHI:"Hey..MR.ATTITUDE.. don't Call me CHIPKALI.. understand..I m not a CHIPKALI.."
YUVI: "Oh.. really..but I assure u dat it's d perfect name for u..😝understand CHIPKALI!?"

den YUVI'S phone rings☎.
YUVI took d phone..D name "BABY DOLL..👸"displayed on his phone.. MAHI noticed dat.
YUVI: " can I forgot"😕
YUVI took d phone:"haa.dEAR..I m coming..u don't worry"
He cut d phone..
MAHI,who was watching this felt some jealous😞 & she said to herself: "ohh.Who is dis BABY DOLL..&wt is her relationship  with dis MR.ATTITUDE..I m sure she must be his
GIRLFRND.. but why should I care abt it.hey MAHI..wt happened to u.😯.why r u so thinking so much about him..hey MAHI..relax.."

YUVI: "Finally MY BABY DOLL saved me from dis CHIPKALI..tnk GOD😇"
MAHI give him an angry stare.
YUVI: "kk ..BYE CHIPKALI.. don't make more dramas now..hey look i think ur DRIVER come wt d u goo..MAY GOD BLESS d two people from u..😉😉"
& HE Left..
MAHI fumes in anger & she saw her DRIVER wt a MECHANIC near her car.she went near to them..



. everyone..I know my ff getting boring..but plz..if u don't lyk my ff,plz share ur opinions..😢.I am ready to stop writing..⭕⭕

  1. Sohi

    Hey Kartika plz don’t stop writing
    It isn’t boring really telling u first time I enjoyed yuhi scenes this much
    It was really awesome dear
    I previous episode I didn’t comment coz I was with you for not posting your ff
    Do continue and give twinj scenes soon bye

  2. Sohi

    Angry *

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Hey SOHI..
      Tnks yar..
      &Sry for posting so late..😅
      Will post soon dr..😊

  3. Aanya_pandey

    Such an adorable fight between mahi n yuvi.. loved that dear!!!
    N the way yuvi came into fight ☺😂 soo good!!

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Tnx AANYA..😊
      Hw u?

  4. Presha

    Hey awesome update dear loved it

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Tnks PRESHA..😁

  5. Awesome episode
    Liked their fight very much
    Iam sure when u will give twinj scenes u will get more comments
    Do continue

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Hi AAFI..
      NYC to met u..
      I hope so dr..😊

  6. Ramya

    Don’t u dare to stop ur ff
    Else k won’t talk to u
    U write in such an amazing way
    I loved it to core
    I’m so excited next part
    Post soon
    N today’s was superb awesome
    Loads of love keep smiling

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Hey RAMYA..
      Tnks so much dr…love u lot..😘
      u always supports me..
      Keep smiling dr😊😀

  7. O hello miss..😠😠😠
    Don’t u dare to call it boring and try to stop ur ff, got it 😡😡😡😡😡 And agar tum bhul gaye ho toh tumhe bata du Ki mene pehlehi bola tha ki….I LOVE ur ff alotsss ❤❤❤❤❤ and ur writing style to coz u used emoji and I LOvE it very much ❤❤😘😘😘😘 and and yes i knw sm tm i didn cmnt so sry 😉😉 But ur AMAZING so don be sad ok..😃😃 keep writing ☺☺☺☺
    End today’s episode is damn funny 😂😂😂 uv’s talk with mahi and goons was 😂😂😂😂😂 and yuhi’s fighting was just 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 just LOVE IT 💗 LOVE IT 💗
    Now Plzzzz post soon ☺☺☺☺ and mera dhamki yaad rakhna 😏😏😂
    Love you 😘😘😘

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Hey PRIYA..
      Itnaa gushaa.😮
      Mei tho dar gayaaa..😂
      Will not make u anger anymore dr..
      &about d Emoji ..I ❤it.dat’s why..dey r part of my ff😊
      Love u lot…😘😚

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Tnx PURNIMA😊…

  9. Baby

    ohhhhhhhh god dear amazing☺☺
    fabulous lovely and sooo funny and cute episode hahaha☺☺
    loved it soooo very mmch post soon☺☺
    love u lods♥♥♥♥♥

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Tnks dr BABY..😊
      I m happy dat u lyk it..
      Love u too..😁

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