“Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..” Episode 12

Here is d link for episode 11:

Episode 11

TWINKLE took MANOHAR into hospital?.USHA & BANU reaches there.

⭕⭕SCENE 1:
   USHA:"wt happened Doctor SIR?wt happened to him..plz tell me DOCTOR sir..?"
DOCTOR:"actually..he ..he become paralysed.."
 USHA: "Wt!!!?"
DOCTOR: "ss.actually he can see everything..can hear everything..but can't respond to anything.."
USHA(screaming):" nooo??"
USHA become unconscious & fell down on d floor.
TWINKLE & BANU runs to USHA…⭕⭕

 ??SCENE 2:
      KUMAR's home?.
KUMAR: "Wt?r u sure MOHINI? Is it d same MANOHAR sir??"
MOHINI: "i am not sure JII.i don't know wt to do so I left from there?"
KUMAR: "Do u know to which hospital did she took him?"
MOHINI: "i think CITY HOSPITAL..?becoz it was d nearest from the accident spot.."
KUMAR: "ok.MOHINI.I will go & check..k"
MOHINI: "JII.i m sry .."
KUMAR: ?"sry For what?"
MOHINI: "i know,i did wrong by lefting from there.i too wanted to help d girl to took d man into hospital?.but I don't know.. when I saw his face…. everything happened in our past went into my mind…dat's why….??"
KUMAR: "I know it..u don't worry MOHINI.I can understand u..I too want to forgot all past memories..but still..I need to go  d hospital & ensure dat he is fyn.."?
MOHINI: "KK JII..go fast.."
KUMAR left d house..
 MOHINI went to D POOJA room & prayed.
MOHINI: "OH GOD..?. whoever it is,plz save him?"
NAINA  who was listening everything by hiding from them went to her room.
NAINA(thinks): "?don't know dat abt which past dey were talking?&which memories make them so stress..& dat UNCLE.. which had d accident..wt relation he had wt our family?.?I know der is something dat PAPPA & MAA hiding from me.. but don't know wt is dat ?to whom I will ask.?????.

??SCENE 3:
            ? HOSPITAL? 
USHA is lying unconscious in bed?.Doctor is checking her pulse.?Both TWINKLE & BANU present in d room.
DOCTOR: "don't worry.ntng serious..she is on stress.dat's Why she become unconscious.give her some rest.she will gain conscious soon.?
BANU: "tnk u DOCTOR SIR..?"
BANU went near to USHA's bed & sit on d chair near to d bed?.
DOCTOR( to TWINKLE in slow voice):" BETAA..plz come wt me..i need to talk to u"
TWINKLE went outside d room wt TWINKLE.
TWINKLE: "wt happened DOCTOR SIR.? is everything k ? "
DOCTOR: "Woh actually.MANOHAR had lost so much blood?actually his blood group is rare & We provided him d blood available in our hospital? but we  need an extra bottle⚱ of blood for him.& we don't have it here.it is crucial for him.& we can't inform his wife about dis becoz she already in stress.dat's why I informed u"
TWINKLE: "DOCTOR SIR.which is his blood group??"
TWINKLE: "wt!! ..but it is a rare group..?"
DOCTOR:"I know.but we have to organize it.we have already searched in our blood directory but no gain."?
TWINKLE: "k.DOCTOR SIR.i will handle it.."
DOCTOR: "KK.but be quick"
DOCTOR left from there.
TWINKLE(thinks in stress): "wt will i don't know..??I can't inform dem both.becoz dey are already in stress.wt will do..?Wait .. TWINKLE..U Fool.. how can u forgot!!. YUVI also hv d same blood group..oh shitt..how stupid i m?.I should call him."?
TWINKLE took her phone ?& called ?YUVI.??

MAHI is seen frightened inside?? d car & d goons who were standing outside d car  .?r passing bad comments on her..
Goons:"hey beauty ..come out.. Why r u shying..oh kitna hot lagthihum tum..come out my darling..or else we all will come inside d car ?"
One of d goons tried to open d door..
MAHI Shivers wt fear..she took d PEPPER SPRAY from her hand bag? & she quickly pushed d door & went outside d car.?.
D goons didn't expect dat.so few of them standing near d door fell on d ground.before they do something,MAHI sprayed d PEPPER SPRAY on them?? & ran.D GOONS rubbed der eyes & cleared der eyes & started to chase MAHI.
MAHI,who was running fast stopped by a byk.
She stood near d byk & d man who was in d byk a also looked to her..
BOTH MAHI & D MAN who was on d byk together : "YOUUUUUU!!!!!!! HERE!!!!!!!?""


PRECAP: "…plz wait?"

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