“Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..” Episode 11


Here is d link for episode 10:

Episode 10

    Recap: ""TWINKLE & NAINA saves MANOHAR.MOHINI refuses to allow NAINA wt TWINKLE to take MANOHAR SARNA to hospital.USHA reveals BEBE'S &SID'S past to her servant,BANU.""


🔷🔷Scene 1:
Episode starts wt d shocking face of  USHA & BANU.
USHA took d photo frame 🎞which fell on d floor.
USHA(wt shocking face):"wt!!how can it fall!!Oh  BABBAAJII!!is something wrong is going to happen??😮"
A piece  of broken glass✴ made a  wound on USHA's hand👋.Blood 🔴🔴started to flow from her hand👋
BANU,seeing blood 🔴🔴 took d first-aid box & went near to USHA.
BANU: "DII.plz don't worry.ntng will happen.u don't took stress..plz calm down."
BANU cleaned d wound.
USHA: "BANU,i don't know.but i m having a strong feeling dat something wrong is going to happen.look it's become night ⛺& KUNJ 's PAPA is not arrived yet..😢"
BANU: "DII.don't worry.u said dat MANOHAR SIR hv a imp meeting today & maybe dat's why he becoming late.u just calm down."
USHA: "why MAHI is not returned yet?I m feeling restless.😮"
BANU:"DII.r u forgot?U attended MAHI's call📞 before some tym & she told dat she will be late becoz of d traffic🚥🚦.den why u took dis much stress.everyone is k👍"
BANU made USHA dit on d sofa🛋.
USHA: "BABBAAJII.Plz keep everything good!!😢."

🔺🔺Scene 2:
Night tym🌒
     🚘A car is  shown moving on d road.Inside d car MAHI is seen in wedding lehenga(ss..she is returning back from Jaipur after her friend's wedding.)
MAHI:"Oh.GOD.😓how much traffic!!🚦🚥PREM   BAI .plz drive fast.it's already late."
PREM(driver): " haa PUTTAR.."
suddenly car stopped  .
MAHI: "wt hpnd BAI?"😯
PREM: "don't know PUTTAR.let  me check."
PREM went to check d car's engine.MAHI stayed in d car🚗. after some tym,HE went near to MAHI.
PREM: "MAHI PUTTAR.don't know wt hpnd to d car🚗.i think we need a mechanic.🛠🔧."
MAHI: "but from where BAI.dis tym?"
PREM:"don't worry PUTTAR.der is a mechanic🔧🔩 shop nearby.i will go & get a mechanic👲 from der.u plz stay in d car."🚘
MAHI:"K BAI.plz come fast."
PREM:"Aa.PUTTAR.i will come fast."

PREM left from there.MAHI left alone.😓
MAHI:"oh.BABBAJII.I m feeling restless.wt an isolated place🌒. phone's📱 battery🔋 is also dead.MOM may be upset.Let PREM BAI come.den i can call from his phone📱."
She get out from d car🚘 & stood near d car near d car.
 Den she saw some goons coming near to her.dey all r in drunken🍺🍺 state.she quickly  get into d car🚘.
Goons reach near d car.dey saw MAHI inside d car🚘. they went near to d glass of d car & started to tease MAHI..
GOONS:"hey beauty.. why r u hiding beauty…come outside. ."
MAHI become frightenened
       🔵🔵Scene 3:
    An hospital is shown🏥
        TWINKLE is seen walking restless in front of d operation theatre.
TWINKLE(to herself):"i think I should inform dat UNCLE's family about him.aa…"🤔
TWINKLE took d  visiting card of MANOHAR & dialed d landline no ☎ from her 📱.

Scene shifts to SARNA MANSION.
Landline phone ☎ rings.
USHA took d phone.
TWINKLE:"is dis MANOHAR SARNA's house?🏡"
USHA:"ss.who is dis?🤔"
TWINKLE:"may I know who is speaking? 🤔"
TWINKLE: "K .AUNTY.Don't get tensed.i m calling from CITY HOSPITAL🏥. actually  MANOHAR UNCLE met an accident."
USHA: "wt!!😲when?? How?"
TWINKLE: "AUNTY…AUNTY.plz calm down.ntng to worry.u plz come to CITY HOSPITAL"🏥
USHA: "haa BETA.i m coming..😢"

USHA cut d phone☎
BANU(who was listening to USHA):"DII.wt hpnd?who was in d call?"
USHA:"BANU…ek LADKI KA call dhaa..She said that,….. KUNJ 's PAPPA…met an accident…"
BANU(in shocking face):"wt!!but how??when??"
USHA(feeling restless):"I don't know anything..I need to go CITY HOSPITAL…u CALL  DAS took d car🚘"
BANU:"kk .DII.but wt abt MAHI PUTTAR?"
USHA: "we can call her later.now I want to see him as soon as possible..😢😢"
BANU: "KK.DII.u just calm down & come wt me.."
USHA & BANU went to hospital..

Scene shifts to CITY HOSPITAL.🏥
TWINKLE is sitting outside the theatre.
DOCTOR came out of d theatre.TWINKLE went near to d DOCTOR.
TWINKLE:"Doctor.how is he now?"
DOCTOR: "Operation is done.he is out of danger now.but…"😐
TWINKLE: "but ..Wt hpnd DOCTOR?"
Before DOCTOR could say anything USHA & BANU reach there.USHA  went near to DOCTOR.
USHA: "Doctor saab..wohhh..my…😂.😢 husband..MANOHAR…"
USHA: "Haaa.i am…PUTTAR,How is he now?"
TWINKLE: "AUNTY.plz calm down. Operation is done.ntng to worry.."🙂
USHA(wt a relief):"is it true?is he ok now?"😂
DOCTOR: "Sss.he is out of danger now.but..still..MRS…"🤔
USHA: "USHA..USHA MANOHAR SARNA.Im his wife.tell me DOCTOR wt is d matter?"

Episode ends with tenzed face of USHA on half of d screen & frightened face of MAHI on remaining  of d screen🔵🔵


⏺⏺Note:  TWINJ & YUHI scenes will be comming  soon..😊⏺⏺

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