“Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..” Episode 10


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Recap: "TWINKLE met NAINA & MOHINI. TWINKLE saves NAINA.MANOHAR met wt an accident.TWINKLE & NAINA in Rescue team."


⏺⏺Scene 1:
 Episode starts wt shocking face of MOHINI ?
MOHINI(thinks):""Is dis d same MANOHAR SARNA!!but …if..not..!!""

NAINA:"MAA.wt hpnd?why u look so tnzd??"
MOHINI composed herself..
TWINKLE: "AUNTY & NAINA.i think we need to take him hospital?as soon as possible..so much blood lost??"
NAINA: "haaa DII.we hv to.We will also come wt u.."
MOHINI: "NAINA..wt is d need for it…I …mean.. it's getting dark..ur PAPA will get angry? if we don't reach home? early..u..know..ur ..PAPA.."
NAINA: "MAA.wt r u saying!!we hv to help him..we can inform PAPA ..I m sure he will understand.."
MOHINI(in tnzn): "but NAINA.. it's an accident..& dr must be police cases?? & all..wt is d need of getting in them..?"
TWINKLE: "NAINA.. it's k.i can handle it.i think ur MOM is in some tnzn.u don't worry.. u take her to home?I can handle it..u go wt ur MOM"
NAINA: "but DII.."

Before she can complete,she saw TWINKLE started d car? & gone.

NAINA: "MAA. wt was dat..why u behave lyk dis?"
MOHINI: "NAINA.try to understand.come let's go".
NAINA followed her.but still she had a guilt? feeling.
NAINA(thinks): "i don't know wt hpnd to MOM.she was never lyk dis.she always stood wt me for helping others.den why today!?!"
MOHINI(thinks): "GOD ..How can I do.how can I tell d truth to NAINA..I m not sure whether it was d same MANOHAR SARNA.but if it is himm!!no..we can't meet him again..GOD.. whoever it is..plz save him..?.I think I should talk to NAINA's PAPA? about dis"⏺⏺

⭕⭕Scene 2:
     A mansion is shown (ss.ofcourse in AMRITSAR).it is named as ""SARNA MANSION""

USHA(MANOHAR SARNA's wife)is shown as sitting in d sofa in sitting room by looking pictures in album??.she is smiling by looking d pictures??

A woman (seems to be a servant)enters there wt a glass of juice?.
WOMAN: "USHA DII..ur juice"?
USHA(while receiving d juice): "haa.BANU…"
BANU: "DII.may I see d pictures?"
USHA(smiling at her): "haa. Sure…BANU.why not..come .."
BANU being Happy sit in d floor near to USHA.
USHA: "look BANU..look at dis photo?.. it's MAHI.. when she was in 5.?how much cute she looks..she was very naughty dat tym.."
BANU: "wt abt now DII.she is still d same?"
USHA(by laughing): "haa.u r right..?still she is d same"
USHA: "look at dis pic.it's KUNJ?.. woh bi kam nahi di.?
BANU(while pointing her finger to d photo.actually d photo consists of 2 little boys  of d same age? ): "DII.who is dis boy wt KUNJ PUTTAR?"

USHA: "Haa.BANU..He is SIDHANTH.our cute SID.BEBE's one & only SON!?!"
BANU: "Wt!!BEBE have SON!!but I never saw him yet."
USHA: "How can u see him?he already left us?"
BANU: "left! But where?"
USHA(having tears in her eyes):"actually BANU.SID & KUNJ  in were in same age.BEBE had lost his HUSBAND & our SID in an accident in SINGAPORE!!SID was only in a 6 years when d accident occurred?."
BANU: "oh my GOD!sry DII.i never known abt dis"
USHA: "it's k BANU.how can u know.u r new to here.i mean u r only come here  before 5years back.so how can u know?"
BANU: "mm"

USHA: "actually we r trying to forgot dat tragedy.u know BANU?D accident had occurred before BEBE'S & KUNJU'S eyes?.dey witnessed d accident.it was GOD' s miracle? dat atleast they 2 saved from dat"
BANU: "i don't understand DII"?
USHA: "actually KUNJ & BEBE were also present in d car?!!but before d accident occurs,a few minutes before d accident KUNJ & BEBE left d car when KUNJ demanded to buy ice cream? for him.Both BEBE & KUNJ left d car  to buy icecream ?…& dat tragedy occured before they enter back into d car?.."
BANU: "Oh GOD!!!?"

USHA: "both BEBE & KUNJ got a really shock by witnessing d accident.BEBE become abnormal after dat & KUNJ fell into depression for long tym.SID was d only frnd of KUNJ & dey never stayed without each other…"BANU's eyes filled wt tears??
USHA(continued): "BEBE become totally abnormal & due to dat KUNJ seemed to be SID to BEBE. After dat He called KUNJ in SID's name & considered him as HER SID..for a long tym.KUNJ too responded her as HER SID becoz he never want to see her hurted..& now with GOD's Blessings,everything become perfect..☺"
BANU: "ohh.GOD?..dis much happened..but don't worry DII.now everything is perfect.& I m sure no more pains in dis house?"
USHA: "haa.everyday i prays for dat..☺"

Suddenly a sound is heard.
USHA & BANU wt a shocking face turned to see wt had happened.
Den dey saw one of MANOHAR SARNA's  photo frame? placed in d table  fell into d floor & d  glass frame had broken..⭕⭕

Screen split into Shocking Face? of USHA & TWINKLE'S nervous face?


??Hi frnds..I m back?.gd to see u all..I think now u all got some clue about d secrets.. don't think too much?…I will return back to u wt more cluesssssss….?
Hv a great day…?

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