“Yeh Tashan Hei Aur Ishq Hei..” Episode 1



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So let's begin my first episode…?

Scene 1:
 A mansion is shown..
Inside the house, a woman is shown in doing aarti in the poja room.( Hope u understand what I said..?)
After doing aarti she went near to a man who is sitting in the couch & reading newspaper.
Woman(by giving  the coffe cup): "  GOOD MORNING  ASHOK… Here is ur coffee." & Smiles..?
  The person's face is shown.
ASHOK LUTHRA, receiving the cup  smiles at her & says: "Good morning My sweet heart..".?
The woman smiles & turns to move.
ASHOK:"ANITHA..Where is our prince & princess?""

(So they are ASHOK LUTHRA & HIS WIFE ANITHA LUTHRA.ASHOK LUTHRA us one of the famous & succeeded bussiness man in India. He has also his companies in abroad too.He now stays with his family in Amritsar.He loves his family  more than anything in the world.He met ANITHA in his clg lyf.They slowly fall in love with each other & they get married.

ANITHA is also a great bussiness woman & she supports her husband in business with her businesses skills.She also loves her family more than anything.Both ASHOK & ANITHA LUTHRA  have great personality & they are well mannered.They lives a modern lyf but still keeps their traditions well..)

ANITHA : "I am just going to call them ASHOK.
Don't know whether they wake up or not..Let me check out.. ?."

ASHOK :" Haa. Don't they have classes today??"

ANITHA:" of course they have.."

ANITHA went upstairs .She entered to the room.A girl is shown in sleeping peacefully in bed with a blanket covering her head.
Also a boy is shown in sleeping in the couch with a blanket covering up to his head.Their face is not revealed yet..

ANITHA  With a sweet smile on her face come near to the bed  & called: "Princess.. wake up dear.Look at tym .u need to go to clg .come on quickly wake up dr.."
The girl started to move through the blanket & placed her head on the lap of ANITHA.but still her face is not shown.it is still covered with blanket.

ANITHA: "My princes.So ur not ready to wake up yet..""

BOY(in the blanket):"Mom . Don't try to wake her up.U will fail in dat.Thooda attention aapka  Prince ko bhai dheethoonaa(plz give some attention to ur prince too).
  Look i  already wake up."
ANITHA (while looking up to him ):"oh my Prince already wake up .but still he doesn't removed his blanket."

Girl :" Anitha Maa ..u already known him.He only speaks.no actions.but U already know that Dis TWINKLE ,UR PYAARI PRINCESS is not like that.
She is the punjabi pattala in the whole Amritsar.She first only do actions,then she will speak & she only do what she said..

Saying this she removed her blanket..
A beautiful & cute face is seen.
Ss it's none other than our PUNJABI PATTAKA TWINKLE?

Boy: "hey baby doll.don't try to be smart.u know na YUVARAJ LUTHRA IS THE  bzt.."

Saying dis he too removed his blanket & a handsome , hot & charming boy  is shown..
U r right it's our Handsome YUVARAJ LUTHRA..?..

ANITHA(while smiling ): "So my Prince .u again slept in her room"

YUVI(in puppy face)? :"What will i do Maa. yesterday too ur dr princess messed up my clean & neat room .so how can I sleep in that dusty room alone.so i just slept in her room.
Is there any wrong in my side maa.
Poor me.!!!…??.."

ANITHA( control to hide her laugh by seeing Yuvi's act):" Haa my poor beta…I know u will never do any wrong things…."

YUVI passed an attitude look to  TWINKLE..

Episode ends with an shocking face of TWINKLE….

(Preecape: college tym..?)

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  1. Wow this was amazing.. loved it.. do cont soon ❤

  2. Ramya

    Amazing super lovely

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous funny epi

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Tnx PURNIMA…


  4. This is amazingg

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Sry Maanvi?

  5. Are you showing em Brother sister?

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      Keep reading Meera..Sweety?

  6. Adya

    Sry for not commenting on the promos…..nd yeah yrrr fab episode….gud going hnn??? Post soon….nd precap is even more exciting…..loved it….
    Loads of love

    1. KarthikaJasmin

      It’s k ADYA…

  7. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Looking at the cover pic I thought it is a Twiraj ff but then the name if the ff forced me to read it and I read it and it is a Twinj ff 🙂 Post soon 🙂

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