Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 19th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Meenakshi makes an odd plan

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishwamber saying everything will happen with everyone’s consent. They leave. Bau ji says I don’t think Meenakshi will agree for this. Abir says its your responsibility, how will it happen when you lose, I m also here. Bau ji says you are here and even fate will play its game. Vishwamber asks Mishti is she fine. Rajshri recalls Meenakshi’s words and asks will we let this relation go off for a single condition. He says Mishti is our responsibility. She says we can’t do mistake of underestimating Naman, just fulfill your responsibility. Rajshri sees Naman and shouts stop the car. Naman gets hit. She shouts save him, he can’t die, we killed him. They stop the car.

Rajshri just imagines Naman and says call the ambulance. Mishti asks who, there is no

one. Rajshri says Naman, call the ambulance, take Mishti away, say yes for alliance, this is the only way to keep Naman away from Mishti. She faints. Vishwamber and everyone hold her.

Meenakshi says you all went to Maheshwari house and agreed for marital courtship, you have hidden this big thing from me. Abir says at least be happy today, its Ketki’s haldi day. She asks them to be happy. Kunal says please, we told them that we will talk to you, do you think I will lie to you. She says I trust you, its a big thing for me, its hidden from me, Abir came to apologize to me so that he hides that you and dad went to Maheshwari house. Bau ji says enough, he apologized as we all felt bad for whatever happened. Abir says I apologized, I want to say, Kunal can find better girls than Mishti and Mishti too can find better man than Kunal, just they can decide if they are made for each other, not us. He goes.

Meenakshi says I thought so, I misunderstood him, sorry Abir. Kunal asks Abir to listen. Abir says no, don’t become defence lawyer. Kunal tries to pacify him. Abir says I was trying to end fight, see how she spoke to me. Kunal says she thought we are trying to manipulate her. Abir asks what, seriously. Kunal says you call yourself sensible. Abir says fine, you have to listen to me, tell Mishti that you have no problem with courtship, you have to decide it. Kunal says you know what I think about marriage. Abir says I think someone cheated you, if that girl wants to know you, what’s the problem. Kunal says I m not bad that anyone tests me. Abir jokes and says I know you as I m your brother, she doesn’t know you, maybe later you don’t like her, but you will like her, call her.

Meenakshi looks on and thinks no, my Kunal shouldn’t agree to courtship. She sees Nidhi coming. Shaurya says Naman is not in city. Kuhu says don’t worry, Mishti and I learnt self defence, Mishti can protect herself. Vishwamber says I know none can harm you two. Kuhu asks what will happen now. He says I will meet Rajshri and come.

Mishti asks Rajshri not to worry, she gave her courage always. Rajshri wakes up. Mishti asks how do you feel now. Rajshri nods. Mishti says trust me, I m fine now, I will call Vishwamber. Rajshri says you are world’s bravest girl, you aren’t afraid of Naman, but you will get a life partner in Kunal, parents can’t protect you like him. Rajshri says just listen to me, forget this condition, stop being stubborn, promise me.

Vishwamber comes and stops Mishti. He says a mum should support her daughter, we didn’t teach our daughter to live with fear, don’t think of people’s opinion, don’t force your wish on her. He asks are you ready to forget this by your wish. Mishti nods. He asks then why did you take time to promise. He says parents give wings to children, not a cage, Mishti is brave, she needs our support, Mishti has total right to know her life partner, I will get these rights for her, I m with Mishti. Mishti smiles.

Nidhi cries. Abir and Kunal run. Meenakshi and Parul look on. Nidhi says what’s this, the wedding dres got burnt. Parul gets Kunal’s phone. Nidhi shows the dress to Abir and Kunal. She says I went to give tea to Babu ji, I wasn’t able to save it. Abir asks her not to worry. Kunal says we will get a new one. Nidhi says no, I want this one. Meenakshi asks Parul to keep phone. Abir says we can go anywhere, but Parekh family can know it, its a big deal. Meenakshi asks Nidhi what’s the problem, how did this burn. Nidhi says I went to give tea to dad, I m not a good mum, I couldn’t protect my daughter’s dress. Abir says you are a good mum, lets focus on the solution.

Meenakshi recalls sending Nidhi for giving tea to dad. She burns the dress by dropping the lamp. FB ends. Meenakshi says I have a solution, Abir will get the saree, NGO women can make a saree. Abir says yes, you can provide solutions, I will be back with the saree. Meenakshi says I need your help Kunal. Mishti says Rajshri is fine, I m okay. Varsha says I will go and see her. Kuhu argues with Mishti. She says you should have agreed to marry Kunal, your idea was good, but don’t do this at the cost of the family, just drop this plan, think about them too. She goes. Mishti looks on.

Mishti says I felt I m right, but none is with me, don’t know I have strength or not. Vishwamber says I won’t let Mishti fall in trouble. Abir sees Mishti in temple. Some ladies catch her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I like bade papa very much..its not a good thing but I really loved the way he was fighting with Rajshri for Mishti in the car and then in the bedroom..An elder should be like this and I really adore him👌👌👌👌all the ladies in the show r not able to match upto male characters’ acting..u should stick to ur thing but don’t bore and irritate us plzzz🙏🙏🙏🙏if this marriage will end abruptly then both the families r to be blamed along with abeer..kuhu was right but her way of making Mishti understand was not that gud. Episodes ago meenakshi said that she is bad but not that bad that she will risk ketki’s alliance for she showed what she iss👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏total disgust..such a gud actor..and always made to hate😤😤😤🤔🤔if ur son is not a car then he is also not a show piece whom to select on the basis of looks…

    Precap- kuhu said that Mishti is a brown belt then why we r not shown some karate kicks and a daredevil girl…imagine she is easily gonna over shadow shaheer.. Soo many shows r like this where girls have overshadowed everything (IB, Naamkaran, beyhadh, Rishton Ka chakrvyuh, JKR, Sarvagun Sampann..awaited show)
    Again kidnapping uffff!!!!!😪😪😪😪😪😪

  2. Nice episode… Thanks for the update Amena…

  3. Why is this Parul so faithful to Meenakshi ???? I don’t like her she always tries to cover up Big bens bad deeds

  4. Pallavi28

    Like the way vishambhar and rajshri are, same as they were in yrkkh. else everyone has changedd so much,
    i have some linking confusion:-
    its soo hilarious the way Jasmeet Character has shown in this s i remember, from the day 1 of jasmeet entry in yrkkh jasmeet was soo sensible and understanding girl, wife n mom. but here in this she is shown so childish,

    i remember misti was not a least attached with her mother, instead she was much close to Akshara. in yrkkh, Karishma’s character was not at all shown negative, as any self respected mom get offended seeing her child getting close to someone else n getting far from her (her character comparative to a realistic mother was positive. having a ideal wonen as ur jethani (sister in law)is really difficult, specially wen everyone (even ur own real mother in law keep comparing ur ideal jethani { who is her step daughter in law} . ) everyone has his/her own thinking n own way to handle their child. no parents (mom) hate her child. she will always try to give her best to her child, a mother has right to get angry on her child, to scold her child still if someone else is showing extra love to that child , obviously this will create a negative image of mom in that child. Not everyone can b so ideal women like akshara. everyone is different but the makers made a drastic change in Karishma’s character by completely ruined it.
    Misti have never cared about her mother, then y is she so affected being left by her mom. nd why is she been sent to Maheshwari’s, wen she had her own full family, 2 gransmothers, 1 grandfather, 1 tauji, 1 elder n super caring brother, 1 bhabhi ( 2 elser n caringsister also : Naira n Gayu). then why she is living life as she’s been burden on everyone.

    . even Kuhu is not Varsha’s own daughter still y she is lil bit much more caring about kuhu than Misti.

    No jikra of Ananya ever. if she dont even exist, i remember wen akshara has gone to her in laws home, once in every 3 time Maheshwari’s were shown, there was akshara’s topic . den why npt even once they talk about Ananya. even while introducing their families to Rajvansh for the 1st time, they had mention that they have 2 daughters. no mention of Ananya n Nanu for a single time.

  5. Naruto Uzumaki

    If they took all members of YRKKH,then how could they introduce new characters???
    There would only be slight difference between the two shows…That’s better that they didn’t took all members….It’s just a show and they are running the show under logic….That’s all….There are many questions arise from this show which have no answers…And we can’t find one…So it’s bettet to watch the show as how they are showing…Also it would be boring if they had shown the faces of each and every members of YRKKH..which we had watched in past…I tell you..It’s better better to tune with the show by removing questions from the mind which have no answers….👍☺

  6. Naruto Uzumaki

    As expected from Maasi..She again supported Meenu..I don’t know what’s wrong with Maasi..She knows that Meenu’s actions are wrong..Still she supports her always…We can’t expect any less from Meenu….By yesterday’s episode I came to know that her speeches,talks have no meaning…There’s no need to tell much about her bcz everyone know about her…
    I really liked Bade Papa that how he supported Mishti…I thought that Kuhu would support her..I thought that,In any condition we can always look forward to our siblings…that they are with us….But I was wrong this show…There’s no much understanding between the two sisters…I think I can’t expect that bonding from them..Forget it…… I do agree with Kuhu’s words..But there are many ways to make Mishti understand…She could have told that smoothly…
    Still,that episode was not that bad….
    Show is going on in very slow pace…I hope that upcoming episodes will be good and fast…Keeping HOPE is the only thing that I can do…………………….

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