Yeh rishta new story – (part 9) naitik and akshara love story

Yeh rishta new story part 9 Akshara and Natik love story
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Scene 1
Natik is at home recalls Aksharas engagement
Natik to himself
Natik this is all because of you why did you ask her that question that time now face it
Natik you have ruined your whole life doing this wow mr singhania nice fame and everything but has no heart
Natik cries
Natik: I will say sorry to her and apologize
Natik messages akshara
Im sorry for saying that the other day I love you to much
Akshara sees the message
What thing mr. natik I don’t like you
Natik replies
Akshara im sorry about asking you do you even love me im really sorry
Akshara replies
Who do you think you are you should forget me and move on and don’t message me again
Natik sees this and cries
Akshara on the other hand
I love you to but ii have to do this for my family I have to sacrafise my love for them
Akshara: im sorry natik I have to make you forget me

Scene 2
Akshara sangeet was gonna happen but Rithuraj family said o and they said they want the wedding next onth since it’s a good time
Akshara talks to varsha
Varsha: my sister in law is getting married next moth I thought you loved that natik
Akshara: I don’t love that natik Rithuraj gi is a kind person
Varsha: Rithuraj gi
Akshara: oo really what about when you call dadu what do you say shauraya
Varsha blushes
Varsha: I have to go and leaves
Akshara: I love natik but Im gonna marry Raj for my family and live a happy life

Scene 3
Natik is seen sleeping
He wakes up
Natik: I wish I could have said sorry akshara
Natik: I should give up
Akshara wake up
Akshara; ma breakfast
Akshara mom: freshen up beta and then ill give you paratha
Akshara goes to freshen up
Akshara has breaf=kfast and leaves for office

Scene 4
Akshara reaches office sees Natik and Natik sees Akshara
Natik: hi
Akshara: hi lets get to work
They start working
Natik thinks to himself
What to do
Akshara receives a call from boss
Boss: come to my cabin
Akshara; can I come in
Boss: yes
Bboss: I just wanted to congratulate you on your wedding

Precap: Natik tries to commit suicide Akshara reaches there and gets shocked

Spoiler: Akshara to save Natik and slap him

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    Kya banake rakha h serial ko
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    Then antara
    Akshara aur naitik ka character bakwaas kar dia. Pls cn u stop writing?

    1. Abdul H tayyab

      They aren’t vamps th ey are minor charaters with different last name

      1. Maine 15 logo ko story read krvai
        They all said the same thing
        Sorry boss
        Not gud

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