Yeh rishta new story – (part 8) naitik and akshara love story


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hannan tayyab
Fri 11/27/2015 10:36 PM
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Yeh rishta new story part 8 akshara and natik love story
Scene 1
Natik and akshara are seen talking to each other
Natik: well run away
Akshara: what no way
Natik: why
Akshara: I can’t dis obey my family ever
Natik: akshara
Akshara; what
Natik: do you even love me
Akshara: what
Natik: do you even love me
Akshara: I love you more than anything you just broke my heart by asking me this
Akshara leaves in tears
Natik: why did I ask her that
Natik messages akshara im sorry
Akshara doesn’t respond
Nnatik calls akshara
Her phone is busy

Scene 2
Akshara is seen at her room recalling natiks word
Natik: do you even love me
Akshara: why did you ask me that
Akshara sees her phone message with im sorry and 10 calls from natik
Akshara replies
Akshara: I think we should forget each other and move on I hate you now
Natik sees this and replies
I hate you
Akshara cries and natik on the other side cries

Akshara: ma im ready to meet rithurak
Natik on the other
Natik: dada ji im ready to marry antara
Dada ji and vishambarnath are happy

Scene 3
Akshara engagemt is about to happen
Vishambarnath invites the singhanias
Dada ji: ill be there with everyone and my son natik
The engagement preparations are done
Guests come
Dadaji and natik with the family comes
Dada ji: congratulations to you and your daughter
Akshara dad: thanks
The engagement starts
Rithuraj is sittig
The ladies bring akshara down
Akshara sees Natik and gets shocked
Aksharas mom: come
Akshara comes and sits next and sits next to rithuraj
Akshara mom brings the ring
Akshara mom: akshra put the ring
Akshara puts ring on rithurajs finger
Rithuraj mom brigs Raj ring that he selected for akshra
Rithuraj puts the ring on aksharas finger
Natik is speechless

Precap: Natik tries to say sorry to akshara

Spoiler: Natik and akshara will get marry soon but twists don’t stay away

Credit to: Abdul Hannan Tayyab

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