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Yeh rishta new story – (part 7) naitik and akshara love story


Yeh rishta new story part 7 natik and akshara love story
Sorry it’s short so sorry

Scene 1
Dada ji: moona
Natik: ji
Dada ji: we have fixed you wedding with Antara
Natik gets shocked
Dada ji leaves
Natik texts akshara
Dadaji has fixed my marriage with Antara
Akshara is shocked
Natik: what will we do know
Akshara; I don’t know

Scene 2
Akshara is seen worried thinking
Akshara mom : beta
Akshara: ji ma
Rajrishi: we have fixed your marriage with rithuraj
Akshara: what
Akshara mom: yes everyone has agreed to it so you have to

Scene 3
Akshara and Natik meet in office
Akshara: my parents have fixed my marriage with rithuraj
Natik: what
Akshara: what will we do
Akshara hugs Natik
Natik: no matter what I love you
Akshara: I love you to
Jadoo yeh Kya chai Gaya plays

Scene 4
Akshara is at her home
Dadi: beta
Akshara: yes
Dadi: I know your not happy with this wedding
Akshara: I’m not
Dadi: that means you love someone else
Akshara blushes
Dadi: son churiya you have grown up to make your own decisions
Dadi leaves
Akshara: I will make my own decisions

Precap: Natik thinks of runny away akshara disagrees Natik asks her do you even love me

Spoiler: twists and next story will be longer

Credit to: Abdul Hannan Tayyab

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