Yeh rishta new story – (part 6) naitik and akshara love story


Yeh rishta new story part 6 natik and Akshara love story

scene 1
Akshara and natik are seen entering the office
Akshara: hi
Natik: hi
Akshara: what did you wanna tell me
Natik: I
Akshara: go on
Natik: my life is nothing without you I love you akshara
Akshara smiles
Akshara: I love you to
Natik and Akshara hug
Natik gives akshara a rose
Natik tries to kiss akshara
Akshara: wait until marriage

Scene 2
Akshara: MA I’m home
Akshara mom is talking on the phone
Akshara mom: what the Singhania declined the deal and they got Shaurya arrested omg
Akshara is shocked
Akshara in her mind
Ooo no how am I gonna tell them no

Scene 3
AKSHARA texts natik
Tells him everything
Natik is shocked
Natik: what are we gonna do know I can’t lose you I love you so much
Akshara: I know I love you too
Natik: well think about it

Scene 4
Natik: Dada ji why are you angry
Dadaji: moona wo thoes Maheshwari are the people who declined our offer I don’t ever wanna see them
Natik: ok
Natik goes outside his room
Natik sees Devyaani walk by
Natik: choti ma
Devyaani: what
Natik: you dropped your phone
Devyani: thanks
Natik goes to his room

Precap: natik family fixes natik marriage with someone

Spoiler: natik and Akshara love story to have twists

Credit to: Abdul Hannan Tayyab

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