Yeh rishta new story – (part 5) naitik and akshara love story

Yeh rishta new story part 5 natik and akshara love story

Scene 1
Doctor: mr natik the patient is in comma
Natik shocked
Doctor; you can go meet her
Natik goes in ward
Natik: akhara I will marry Karishma soto if you don’t wake up I will leave you
Akshara hand moves
Natik thinks of an idea to wake akshara up
He gets a girl pays her covers her face
Natik: im doing this by force im marrying this girl Karishma
The fake pandit comes
The wedding starts
They get up for rounds
Akshara gets up
Aksara: stop
Natik: akshara
Akshara; I wont let this happen
Natik: this was all my plan to wake you up

Scene 2
Akshara turns back to normal
They start working again
Akshara: you said you missed me
Natik: I did since I was feeling very lonely I needed someone to talk to share my feeelings have a laughter and have fun
Akshara: I might have been in comma but I missed you to yor jokes, your teasing the fun times we had the laughter
Natik hugs Akshara
Akshara: I
Natik: what go on
Akshara: I think we should get back to work
Natik: ok
Akshara: why didn’t I say it
Natik: what did you say
Akshara: nothing

Scene 3
Akshar: Ma
Aksharas mom: beta
Akshara hugs her mom
Aksharas mom: how was your trip with business
Akshara: who told you
Aksharas mom: a guy named Natik
Akshara in her mind thanks natik
Akshara goes to her room
Akshara opens her facebook searches Natik singhania
Akshara sees a profile clicks add takes Natiks photo prints it out
Akshara takes the photo draws a heart around it
Akshara kisses it
Akshara receives a notification
Mr singhania has accepted your request
They start chatting
Natik; hi
Akshara: heloo
Natik: kya haal ha
Akshara: tik ho
Natik: good night yar I have to go bye
Akshars; good night
Natik: tomorrow I will say something to you okay see you in office

Precap: akshara and natik confess and becomes intimate
Spoiler: trouble to arise in this love story

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