Yeh rishta new story – (part 4) naitik and akshara love story


Yeh rishta new story part 4 Akshara and natik love story

Scene 1
Karishma sighania is seen with Naman
Karishma: Naman we should find a bride of Natik bhaiya
Naman: you are right
Karishma: yes we should only he should be ware of Karishma loto Antara sister.

Scene 2
Nurse enters Aksharas ward
Nurse removes the oxygen
Natik enters nurse shocked
Natik puts the oxygen back and slaps her
DoctorL why did YOU do that
Nurse: I was told to do this by Karishma soto
Natik; ok
Natik exits the ward
Karishma soto enters the hospital
Karishma soto: what happened
Doctor comes and says we couldn’t save Akshara she has dies
Natik breaks down
Karishma soto smiles
Karishma: calm down natik
Natik doesn’t respond

Scene 3
Karishma receives a call from Antara
Karishma im so happy that akshara dies my plan is succeeded
Antara: good for you di
Natik comes and slaps antara
Natik: you will pay the price
The police enters and arrests Karishma soto.

Scene 4
Natik is in aksharas ward
Natik: akshara come back I miss you you’re the best come I feel lonely I really started to miss you the office is nothing without you
Akshara moves her hand

Precap: Akshara is in comma Natik decides to bring her out of comma
Spoiler: Akshara and Natik marriage will have twists since the families wont agree

Credit to: Abdul Hannan Tayyab

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