Yeh rishta new story – (part 3) naitik and akshara love story


Yeh rishta new story part 3 natik and akshara love story
Natik sits outside Aksharas ward
Karishma enters
Karishma: Natik calm down everything will be fine Akshara is ok
Natik: I know she has to be okay or else ill kill myself
Karishma give Natik water which is beer
Natik gets drunk
Natik sees karishma as Akshara
Natik: akshara your ok
Natik hugs karishma
Karishma: kiss me natik
Natik goes to kiss Karishma
Natik is about to kiss her he faints
Karishma: I was this close
Karishma: well I can kiss you in your sleep
Karishma kisses Natiks cheek
Karishma goes for Natiks lips Karishma is about to kiss Natik
Natik wakes up
Natik: what are you doing
Karishma; nothing
Natik: were you trying to kiss me
Karishma: no way I’m not that type
Doctor: Akshara recovering shell be fine
Karishma gets angry
Karishma reaches her home
Karishma picks up Natiks photo
Karishma: I wont let Akshara survive your mine natik only mine
Karishma laughs
Natik goes inside Aksharas ward
Natik; Akshara I miss you without you I feel lonely plz come back
Akshara moves her fingers
Natik kisses her hand
Natik: akshara I feel lonely your like a person I cant live without
Karishma hears this and thinks of a plan
Karishma goes to a nurse
Karishma; I want you to stop the oxygen Of Akshara Maheshwari
Nurse: I cant do that
Karishma shows her money
Karishma: do it tomorrow and akshara better not live
Nurse: she wont
Natik in ward
Natik; Akshara I wont let anything happen to you if god wants to take you I wont let him
Natik: akshara please wake up
Natik cries
Doctor; we have to check her please go outside
Natik nods and goes outside
Natik outside recalls Akshara
Doctor comes out
Doctor: shes improving she should wake up in 24 hours

Precap: Nurse removes Aksharas oxygen Someone enters

Credit to: Abdul Hannan Tayyab

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  1. Not nyc y

    i lyk karishma’s character

    y ruining her???

  2. Abdul H tayyab

    There will be a revelation why karishma is doing it don’t worry

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