Yeh rishta new story- (part 2) naitik and akshara love story


Yeh rishta new story part 2 natik and akshara love story
Karishma see in her home
Karishma: Natik you are mine you’ll always be mine I love you I will get rid of whoever comes in my way
Karishma loos at Natiks picture
Karishma: natik darling I’m coming
Karishma kisses natiks pic

Akshara goes to office
Akshara: hi natik
Natik: hey
Akshara: how are you?
Natik: I’m fine
Boss enters
Boss: akshara and natik here is your next assignment better be done soon
Akshara and Natik nod
Boss leaves
Akshara: what is our next assignment?
Natik: to build a new design of jewelry
Akshara; ok
Akshara steps on spilled water
Akshara slips Natik catches her
Natik and Akshara have a stare
Akshara gets up
Akshara hugs Natik
Natik and Akshara feel comfortable
Karishma is seen entering the cabin
Karishma: Natik
Natik: you
Karishma: how are you?
Karishma feels jealous of seeing Natik with Akshara
Karishma: who is this girl
Natik: shes my best friend I work eith her in the office she makes me happy
Karishma: ok
Natik: ok plz let us work you go
Karishma leaves angrily
Karishma arrives at her home
Karishma picks up Natiks pic
Karishma: I will not let you become Aksharas I will kill her in order to become yours I love you and you will be mine you won’t be anyone else’s I will show you whoever comes in our way what happens to them they die I love you too much
Karishma: I will give Akshara poison watch
Karishma laughs and kisses Natiks picture
Karishma goes to office again
Akshara is seen opening a drawer
Dust comes out
Akshara starts coughing
Karishma: I’ll get you water
Akshara nods
Karishma fills the glass with water then adds poison
Karishma takes the water to akshara
Akshara drinks it and starts working
While working Akshara feels dizzy
Natik enters
Natik: akshara you done
Akshara feels dizzy
Akshara faints in Natiks arm
Natik: Akshara wake up
Akshara doesn’t respond
Natik picks Akshara up and takes her to the hospital
Karishma smiles

Natik and Akshara reach the hospital
Doctor; take her in the icu
Natik; what happened to her
Doctor: don’t worry let us check
Doctor comes out
Doctor: she has been fed poison we have to do operation but we can’t guarantee shell live
Natik gets shocked and cries
Natik: save her
Doctor: we’ll start the operation
Natik in his mind
I will find out who did this

Precap: Karishma tries to kiss Natik while hes drunk

Credit to: Abdul Hannan Tayyab

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  1. Its nice…. Continue writing….plse write the next part soon

  2. Yr y ruining karishmaa

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