Yeh rishta new story – (part 10) naitik and akshara love story


Yeh rishta new story part 10 akshara and natik love story
I received a comment from Sanjana yesterday part 9 that says I have ruined characters ill try to make them better im sorry to everyone who feels is shouldnt write like this

Scene 1
Natik: I cant live anymore
Natik: im sorry my family I will leave now from this world
Devyani enters
Devyani: Natik
Natik: yes choti ma
Devyani: im gong outside do you need anything
Natik: no
Natik hugs devyani
Natik: thanks choti ma for taking care of me I love you
Devyani: I love you to beta
Devyani to herself
There is something wrong I have to findout

Scene 2
Natik sends a message to Akshara
Akshara im leaving you and this world don’t worry I’ll never come in your way again I am going to kill myself good bye akshara no matter what I love you so much im jumping off a cliff near my house
Akshara sees the message and gets shocked
Akshara: Natik you can’t suicide for me YOU HAVE TO LIVE YOUR LIFE
Varsha hears this and gets shocked
Varsha: akshara you have to go and save him
Akshara: but
Varsha: ill handle everything here you just go and save him from dying take it as your mission all the best
Akshara: he said a cliff near his house
Varsha; isn’t that the highest cliff in Mumbai if he jumps hell die
Akshara: I won’t let anything happen to natik I love him that’s
Varsha: don’t stand here go and save him and confess everything
Akshara: yeah you right
Akshara in her way
Akshara thinks to herself
I am going to save you no matter what natik I wont let you die youll stay with me I love you
I hope im not too late natik

Scene 3
Natik reaches the cliff and is about to jump
Akshara: natik stop
Natik: akshara don’t stop me please
Akshara: stop tumay mery qasam
Natik: I wont stop
Akshara: tummay tumara dadaji ki qasam
Natik is about to jump
Akshara pulls him
Akshara slaps him
Akshara: how dare you to suicide
Natik: you should have let me
Akshara: how would I live if you suicided
Natik: let me leave besides you don’t even love me
Akshara: who says I don’t love you
Natik: that’s why you married rithuraj
Akshara: I love you a lot Natik I lied all about this I did it for my family I LOVE you a lot Natik
Natik: I love you too
Akshara; I cant marry you because I have to sacrifice for my family
Natik; you cant sacrifice I love you what about me
Akshara hugs Natik
Akshara; I cant
Natik: but you have to listen to me I love you from my heart
Akshara: don’t even ever think about suiciding
Natik: why askshra cant you maary me
Akshara: my father has raised me fulfilled all my wishes but never asked me for anything except to marry rithurak
Natik: I understand you

Precap: Akshara tries to convince her father to cancel her marriage

Spoiler: Akshara and natik marriage will happen but twists will come

Credit to: Abdul Hannan Tayyab

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  1. Good continue

  2. Just when people think Indian serials can’t get any worse, people like you come along and prove them wrong. On what parallel universe do people actually enjoy such bakwaas? I mean, how? And the most important thing of all, you’re mercilessly murdering English. No offense, but please write in a language that you know and are familiar with.

  3. What is this bullshit? Don’t read it guys. I just read this episode and it was sucha waste of a time. Even mentally unstable can write better than you. Sorry to say but this is piece of a s***. Anyways don’t feel sad and be happy because i was just joking around. Don’t listen to those who writes negative comments. Remember “haters make us famous”. You are doing really well and keep up the good work. Hope to see your ff more often.

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