Yeh rishta new story – (part 1) naitik and akshara love story


Part 1
A reaches home with varsha
A mom: how was college and office
A: ma good
A goes to her room
She sees n in the mirror and looks back no one is there
The mirror n is stating at her she blushes
N says why are u blushing
A splashes water on her face and is like akshara what wrong with you
A and n meet in office
A and n stare at each other
The boss enters
B: a your new seat will be next to n until you both improve and ready to do your business
Boss leaves
A and n smiles
N: now we seat together everywhere
A:’I know it’s probably a coincidence

N: yeah probably
The songs plays
Tummay main dekta jahoon x2
Mujhe pyaar ha x2
Tum cute ho
Tum lovely ho
Dil to Chata ha ka tum dor mat Jana
Another plays
Yeh kya hua x2
Kyun hua
Bhot acha howa

A and n work while a is working n stares at her
And while n is working a is staring at n
N imagines
N pulls a and kisses her on the lips
Imagination over

N and a get up to go home a slips and n catches her
They stare at each other

N: your cute
A: your handsome
They both smile and leave

They think about each other and are like why I am thinking about that I love n
N; could this mean I love a

A: could this mean I love a
A: this can’t be true he loves karishma

N: I hate karishma now

Precap: karishma enters

Credit to: Abdul Hannna Tayyab

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  1. dude suggestion
    pls ryt full name for akshara n naitik instead of alphabets

    1. Abdul Hannan Tayyab

      ok ill do that

  2. Yeti agree it will be better dos do better next time but lovely

    1. Ok I will follow it

    2. Abdul Hannan Tayyab

      ok ill remeber that plz keep reading

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