Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlta Hai – My take on current track FF

Hi guys hope ull liked the previous part !
Will try and make this one long
So hear goes the next part–

After they get inside karthik gets back to work and Naira goes to her room , Naira was listening to music and pacing around in her room .
After a while akshara called her
A-Naira beta come have lunch I have made ur favourite butter paneer and black dal
N-yes mama I’m coming thank u for making my favourite food ?
A-ya beta come fast every1is waiting for u only .
Naira came
Naitik-Karthik come have food u must be hungry doing so much work …
K-no sir I’ll complete this presentation only lil is left and then I will come
G-arre Karthik come na u must be hungry(from behind Naira was showing him actions to come and he might be Hungry but
K-no gayu I’m not hungry and ull cont na
(last but Naira also says )
N-Karthik come na pls ?

K-yes jaan?I mean sir ki jaan I am coming if u all r insisting me so much
He came and sat beside Naira and both were smiling at each other . He was sitting on the right and beside him no body was there .
He then held nairas right hand Naira looked at him giving an I will kill u look .
K-arre mam c na Naira is eating with her left hand and not right , Naira y like that do u have any problem and he gave a smile as if he had won a battle .
A-no Karthik actually Naira eats only with her left hand since childhood everybody ask but she never changes .
Naira was like ??
Karthik in his head -wth ….?
Now Naira was also in a masti mood so she started to pinch his hands and legs when no 1wS looking
She first pinched his wrist and he screamed
G-what happened Karthik ?
K- no gayu there are many mosquitos over here 1 just drank my blood ?
Again Naira was ??
They finished their lunch and Karthik got back to work where as Naira was just sitting vela (doing tp)
Naitik called her

Nai-Naira beta u know fileing na just file these papers na it will be of gr8help to Karthik
N-yeah papa I will do all and the work will be tip top
Saying this she came and sat opposite Karthik .
All the adults went to rest as they sleep everyday after lunch
Gayu had told akshara that she will be going to the airport to pick up her friend and would come after dinner .
Kaira were looking at each other lovingly and suddenly Mishti came
M-mmmm chupke chupke romance ha
N- mishti ki bacchi I will kill u
M- ok but before that I will tell everyone about u both
She was just going when Karthik stopped her
K-listen na sorry na forgive us na pls na
M-accha ok if ull say so much .. Mein ek bechari bachi tum dono dinasaurs ke beech kar Bhi kya sakti hein??
Time passed like that only they were 2gether and kaira finished their work and gave it to nautik.
They did what they usually did Said i love u to each other ,gave a flying kiss and departed ??

They slept

I’m sorry guys actually I’m sleepy and sorry if ull did not like it
Waiting for comments ❤️❤️

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