yeh rishta kya kehlata hain TRUE LOVE episode 9


The episode starts with akshara coming in naksh’s room
she asks him whats wrong with him
he seems upset
He says nothing mumma am just tired
she asks him not to lie
she is his mother and knows him very well
he tells her what he did
akshara feels little upset
she tells him its good he told her everything
but he did really very wrong
He says he just wanted to be tara’s friend
she explains him that nobody can force anybody to be friend
friendship happens naturally
she tells him everybody does mistake but if u confess the same and apologize u should get forgiveness
she advices him to talk to tara directly
he thanks her
he says sorry mumma i didn’t attend college
she asks him not to repeat this orelse she will complain to naitik
they laugh
he hugs her and tells her she is best mumma and best friend.
Naksh prepares a sorry letter for tara
he describes in it all that happened
he ends it with question will u forgive me and be my friend.
Next day naksh waits for tara
mein tenu samjaavan ki plays in bg.
Sanjana is with yash
she asks him how come he doesn’t have gf
he says this isn’t the age he wants to focus on studies
she finds him cute
naksh sees priety alone
he feels tara will come late and make me wait he says my princess tara your prince can wait whole life for u

Credit to: pari

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    loved akshara naksh scene.she rly gave him a nice advise.naksh is waiting 4 tara 2 apologize.loved main tenu on background.hope she 4gives him.sanjana seems 2 b interested in yash.but he is interested only in studies or has he hidden his luv in his heart?

  2. jasmine Rahul

    i have never seen naksh tara ff in any site.while all write ffs on naitik akshara how did u get the idea of writing ff on Naksh Tara?could u tell me that plz

  3. Thanks dear reader
    actually i wanted to do something different
    naksh n tara are the new generation couple.:)
    i too love akshara and naitik.

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