Yeh rishta kya kehlata hain- True Love-episode 8


sorry for late update i tried alot but site wasn’t working properly.
The epi starts with tara coming and sitting next to naksh
HE thanks her
she keeps her hand over his hand and assures him all would be fine
they eye each other lovingly
pehla nasha plays in background.

Naksh realizes that yash is waking him
yash tells him to convert his dream to reality they must reach class on time.
Naksh smiles and hugs yash.
In canteen tara sees naksh and sanjana she request sanjana to leave as she wants to talk to naksh
they get confused
sanjana leaves
Tara says naksh that it is ok to have fun enjoy life but everything has a limit
naksh gets confused and asks tara to be direct
she says hospitalization of loved one is serious matter it is painful
making fun of all this just win some silly bet is very unfair.
She tells him that preity saw them yest in multiplex and also heard abt their bet to get tara’s notes.she tells him just to win that bet he played with emotions and didn’t attend lecs too
his parents pay fees he shd atleast value that.
He tries to explain but she leaves in anger telling him never to talk to her
Sanjana comes and teases naksh that supper setting ho gayi
tara wanted to spk him in alone
he tells her sab gadbaad ho gaya he narrats everything she gets worried
In class sanjana tries to talk to tara
she asks her did she enjoy the movie
naksh hears this and gets upset.

Credit to: pari

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    i really missed it last 2 days.plz give 2 more updates as compensation as u cudnt post it last 2 days.naksh tara scene was so romantic.tara holding his hand n consoling him n their eye lock with pehla nasha on background was so romantic. i think now onwards pehla nasha reminds me of naksh tara.but tara found out d trut thru preity n advised naksh 2 b serious in life n decided not 2 talk 2 him at all.sad 4 how will Naksh win her trust n luv?

    1. thanks alot
      ur comments r true inspiration

  2. thanks reader
    yes sure 2 quick updates+thanks alot
    naksh our lover boy.

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