Yeh rishta kya kehlata hain- True Love-episode 7


The episode starts with tara telling preity that it is strange Naksh isn’t attending college since a week and that day also he left in middle of lecture
she says I hope everything is fine
preity asks her not to worry so much for stranger
she says he isnot a stranger
he is her classmate
and he appears to be sincere
preity says if she is so concerned she should talk to either his gf or cousin
tara tells her sanjana isnot his gf
they are just good frnds
preity advices her not to be so possessive

In canteen tara approaches yash hesitately
she asks yash is everything fine with naksh
yash says their grandmother is very sick and is in ICU
Tara feels bad
she says him about naksh’s studies
he says naksh is very disturbed and is in hospital most of time

In class tara gives notes to yash and asks him to give it to naksh
she says she will pray for their granny
yash thanks her

outside a multiplex
sanjana gives notes to naksh
he says he just cannot believe this
he kisses the notes.
Sanjana asks him to control himself
pehla nasha plays in background
naksh says but this is little unfair
tara got so worried

sanjana says but this atleast proves she does care and care alot
and they should celebrate and enjoy the movie now
as yash and her hardwork deserve reward
naksh smiles
and imagine his meeting with tara.

Credit to: Pari

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Oh!Tara thinks that Naksh’s grand mother is really sick n felt sad.she sent him notes.she is so concerned abt him.naksh is in dream world.but if Tara comes 2 know d truth she will get more angry.Better naksh himself confess her d truth

  2. Yes dear reader
    lets wait n watch wat happens next
    nxt epi cuming soon

  3. jasmine Rahul

    sad that i’ve 2 wai till 29th 4 the next epi

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