Yeh rishta kya kehlata hain- True Love-episode 6


Episode starts with Naksh sitting in library engrossed in his books
yash and sanjang look on from outside
yash says god knows whats wrng with naksh
how can somebody change himself just to get somebody’s frndshp
sanjana explains him that true love can change a person completely
she asks him does he love anybody
he very innocently says his parents
she laughs.
Tara sees naksh studing
she tells preity may be their perception about naksh could be wrng
he appears sincere

naksh looks at tara n smiles
but tara doesn’t smile back instead turns her face

In canteen naksh tells sanjana that his efforts are not giving good results
he is trying so hard since past 2 months but tara isnot noticing
and not acknowleding
she tells Naksh she has brilliant plan
she tells him something
naksh smiles
yash says but this is unfair
sanjana says everything is fair in love and war.

In class lecture in going on
suddenly naksh gets upset and says lecturer
there is some emergency he needs to leave immediately

tara feels worried
but continues taking down notes.

Credit to: Pari

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    thought Naksh changed himself Tara still avoids him.Naksh left d class in middle bcz of some emergency.What plan is this?Anyways 1st time tara seemed 2 b worried 4 naksh.Looks like Sanjana falling 4 Yash.But does Yash like her?

  2. Dear frnd,
    plan is a twist 🙂
    will be revealed in today’s episode kp reading and enjoying

  3. yeh rishta kya kehlata hai very nice family serial.muze ye serial bahut pasand hai akshara A& naitik so cute caupla @@@@@@@@@@@

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