Yeh rishta kya kehlata hain- True Love-episode 4


The episode starts with naitik asking Naksh to get up
Naksh requests him to let him sleep finally he puts water on his face Naksh says this is unfair papa
naitik reminds him about his friend’s daughter sanjana joining his college
he tells him that she is coming from cape town he should take care of her and help her
naksh assures him not to worry
he will be her good friend

Naksh enters class late lecturer scolds him
tara says he deserves this
preity says such silly ppl dnt get affected by late marks or scoldings they have lots of money to to buy everything attendance gud marks too degree
tara smirks
Naksh feels upset
but soon he sees tara smiling he starts feeling better
yash asks Naksh how he got late
he tells him that a new old lady came to ashram yesterday n he went to meet her
she wasnt eating anything so he convinced her to have food
yash says he is silly but has excellent heart
Naksh says this all is because of mumma

In canteen Naksh and Yash meet sanjana
they talk and soon laughing

Yash asks Naksh
Did he find sanjana hot
he says she is smart and hot but now simplicity attracts him
he thinks about tara n smiles

In class tara is distributing some pprs to everybody but she doesn’t give Naksh
he goes behind her and requests her to give him
she says these are notes for studious students
she doesn’t think he needs them
Naksh tries to explain but she leaves
sanju tells him she will get better notes and he shdnt get upset
he says he never thought their first conversation will be so dull
sanjana asks him does he like her
he shyly replies he doesn’t know but feel attracted to her
he wants to be her friend but she doesn’t even talk to him
sanjana says she is expert at this and promises that she will help him to become tara’s friend.

Credit to: pari

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Sanjana who is Naksh’s family friend also joins the same college.Tara keeps taunting n avoiding Naksh.But sanjana is determined 2 get him Tara’s friendship.What is she going to do now?

    1. dear friend
      keep reading she will do interesting things

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