Yeh rishta kya kehlata hain- True Love-episode 3


The episode starts with tara getting annoyed and struggling to pick her things.
A girl comes to help her she tells tara that in this college many rich spoil brats study who dnt know to respect girls
she introduces herself as preity
tara smiles and thanks.

Naksh and yash enter classroom
naksh says that he told him get wnt get late
yash says but he collided with a girl and didnt even help or apologize
naksh says he didnt realize and yash should have told him that time itself
he asks yash whether girl was hot yash says dude u are really hopeless
tara enters class
she sees naksh and recognizes him to be same guy who had bumped with her
she gets annoyed
Lecturer remarks that tara is late by 2mins but get late mark
tara tries to explain but lecturer seems disinterested
meanwhile naksh is attracted by her sweet voice
he feels her eyes are beautiful
he adores her
he says beauty with simplicity interesting.
Tara gets disappointed.
Everybody starts introducing themselves
Tara introduces herself as Miss Nanhtara sikhawat and says becoming successful engineer is her dream
naksh again gets lost in admiring tara while she keeps talking about her passions.
Naksh says she has wonderful name
when it’s naksh’s turn to introduce tara starts writing down something and tells preity she hates such ppl she got late mark because of him

At singhania house
Akshara asks Naksh about his college
He remembers Tara and says its Beautiful
He rushes to his room saying he is tired
he switches on his laptop and tries to find tara on different social networking sites
He finds Tara on none and feels she is really very simple.
He makes his made to make her his frnd in real world and not on a social networking site.

Credit to: Pari

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  1. Some mistakes
    nakash tells him he told they will not get late

    He makes up his mind to make tara..

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Naksh has fallen 4 Tara without knowing that its d same girl he collided with.But Tara is angry with him as bcz of him she became late n lost good mark.Now Naksh is in his mission 2 get her friendship.Lets c how he will woo her

    1. Yes
      its going to be fun πŸ˜‰
      thanks fr ur comments and reading it gives motivation πŸ™‚

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