Yeh rishta kya kehlata hain- True Love-episode 15


Epi starts with tara waking u in room
sanjana asks her if she is fine
preity gives water to her
sanjana’s phone rings
she says Naksh tara is fine she just got up please please dnt come here this is girls rooms sir will scold u
Tara asks her what happened sanjana and preity tells her
how she got sick due to travelling they tell her how she vommitted on Naksh and how he took care of her
she feels embarrassed
somebody knocks at their door two girls enter
sanjana asks them who are they
yash and Naksh remove their duppattas
all are shocked
Naksh asks tara how is she
she says sorry I troubled u lot

he says I got scared so came to meet u
sanjana says how romantic
now leave fast orelse u maybe thrown out of not only goa but also college
Naksh asks tara to Take care
he instructes sanjana to take care of her

Students are taken to church
everybody lights candles
Naksh eyes Tara praying seriously
He admires her
Pehla nasha plays
while praying tara thanks lord for Naksh and his friendship
she prays to always be around Naksh

Tara notices Naksh lighting candle
she gets flash backs of all her moments spend with Naksh she smiles
she says Naksh u r very good
pehla nasha plays

everybody goes to beach
all start playing basketball
tara sits in corner
Naksh comes to her and her and ask her reason for not playing
she says she doesn’t know Naksh says he will teach her
Naksh teaches her to hold ball
she eyes him
they eye each other
pehla nasha plays

everybody go for trekking
Naksh holds tara’s hand and help her

students are playing truth and dare
Naksh gets dare to sing
He looks at tara and sings jo tu mera humdard hain she blushes
tara gets truth
sanjana asks her has she ever fallen in love
tara looks at Naksh and tells few days ago she has met somebody and she loves that person
Tara leaves from there
sanjana tells Naksh congratulations she too loves u
Naksh says but she didn’t say directly
yash tells him he should propose
Naksh says I will propose her on reaching Mumbai

Tara remember s Naksh singing and blushes

Naksh receives msg from tara
thanks for making my trip so memorable
thanks for everything
Naksh smiles and says I will propose u in most romantic way

Credit to: Pari

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    i was waiting 4 d update since morning.naksh yash as irl enter d girl’s room 2 enquire abt tara’s cute n scene where naksh admires tara n tara prays 2 b with naksh,naksh helping her 2 hold d ball n eye lock,naksh singing n tara blushing were so romantic.tara said indirectly that she luvs someone,but didnt say naksh’s name.naksh going 2 propose tara.but will tara twist d tale by saying that she was saying abt loving some one else?
    this ff is like complete romantiic film of yash chopra

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