Yeh rishta kya kehlata hain- True Love-episode 1


Hi friends,
This is my first fanfiction.This will be short ff of few episodes.
It is love story of Naksh and Tara
presenting u first episode of my ff.
True Love.

Episode starts with Akshara singing bhajan.She gives arti and prasad to everyone.
Bhabhima asks her about Nakash
Naitik replies saying he is lazy and might be sleeping
Akshara says no he is getting ready for going to college as it is his first day he is very excited.
Just then yash comes with nandini
they both greet everybody.
Yash goes to Naksh’s room to find him sleeping
He wakes him and asks him to get ready as they are getting late.
Naksh says he wants to sleep he feels college life will be boring because being engineering college it willnot have hot girls.
While Naksh starts thinking about girls he hears Naitik calling him.
Yash reminds him that he has a hot father and that Naitik will scold him if he finds him sleeping
Nakash immediately gets up and starts getting ready.

Credit to: Pari

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    I dont watch YRKKLH.But I’ve seen Naksh Tara on the promo n found them cute.But I did’nt find a single ff on surprised to see a ff on them by u.Really appreciate u 4 that.Naksh thinks that his coll will b boring without hot girls.Let him c Tara n his opinion will change

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