Yeh rishta kya kehlata hain TRUE LOVE epi 21 Last episode

Dear readers this is last epi of this ff
A big thanks to Jasmine Rahul for her continued support daily encouragement through her lovely comments
A big thanks to Sarayu and keerthi
A big thanks to all my other silent readers
This was my first ff
n I had fun
This story was very close to my heart
I hope I did justice to writing
Am sorry for any mistake done during the course of this ff.
Thanks alot!!

Epi starts with tara praying
in bg om gan gan patiya namo namah plays

Docs tell Akshara that they have found a donor
now they just need to convince for transplant
Sanjana goes to tara n informs her about donor she tells her now has uphill task of convincing Naksh as he isn’t agreeing or listening to anybody
Tara gets glad she thanks lord

Naksh tells Tara not to try to convince him and waste her time he willnot agree
He says this all will be so painful
I cannot bear and what if it fails n something happens to me
tara covers his mouth
Aman comes there he tells Naksh doesn’t he trust tara he got her back after 3 yrs
their love is true love
he explains him
He tells he will also undergo all the pain because he is his donor
he asks Naksh to think positive n think about their marriage
He keeps Talking to Naksh

Naksh tells everybody he is ready
Tara holds his hand and asks him to be brave

Transplant starts
Tara and Akshara pray to lord .
Om gan ganpatiyaa namo namah plays
Docs inform that transplant was success
everybody gets glad
Akshara Tara n Naitik go to meet Aman n thank him
he says I said I wanted to be hero
Tara says he is real hero

6months latter
Tara weds Naksh

Tare hain bhaaraati plays in bg
Naksh’s bharaat arrives
Tara happily watches from window
Jaimala takes place
pheras are taken
Naksh makes her wear mangalsutra n applies sindoor

He lifts Tara in lap

Sanjana gets labour pain all get worried
At hospital naksh asks yash to calm down
yash says sanjana would be in too much pain
Docs tell baby girl is born
All get glad
Naksh asks tara when will she give him princess
she gets shy n says I will give birth to prince

5 years latter
Tara’s mum is shown on wheelchair
she is playing with ball with child

Naksh says Tarash be careful nani shdnt get hurt
she thanks Naksh for making their life beautiful
she says she will click their family photo
she calls
tara has a small baby girl in hand
Naksh tara tarash n small baby get clicked by nanimaa


special appearance jay bhanusaali

I hope u all enjoyed it?
Any other serial u want me to write ff on please convey

please let me know ur frank opinion about this ff
criticism most welcome
plz help me improve as a writer

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  1. Why did u end it……anyways loved all of them..pls start another one of naksh and Tara may be with a different plot

  2. jasmine Rahul

    As i doubted aman was d donor.He is really a hero.Naksh is fine n got married 2 Tara.Sanjana’s delivery scene was nice.she has girl..naksh asking tara when she will give him a baby n tara blushing was so cute.naksh tara have 2 kids now n loved her mom playing with d shows that she has improved.but wish u had shown akshara naitik n dadaji too in d last part.this was a very sweet ff.i rly enjoyed it n used 2 wait 4 d updates daily.

    There was a samud ff.bur d writer is not writing it now.duno if she discontinued it or other than my ff no samud ff now.there is a ff where ashlok is there but nothing much in d ff abt if i cud plz write a joint ff on saras kumud n shlok aastha.

    a joint ff which has arnav khushi n ranveer ishaani is also my dream.

  3. Hi I’m a silent reader and loved this gif a lot !!! Can u write an gif on phir bhi na maane badtameez dil by pearl v puri and Asmita Sood !!! Will be very greatful to u

  4. Write over naithik n akshara love story.. more love n affection… in combination of ishra and surya… I love it… like make naithik n nandini ando sandhya siblings… akshara shaurya n raman siblings… suraj and ishita doctors… from love to marriage to happy lyf… thanqq for the Ff… sorry if m over said… bye.. well done.. tata

  5. sarayu (honey)

    this is last episode, sad but good. can you write a ff on yeh hai mohabbatein after 7 years leap and ishra reunion? All the best for your future, good luck.

    1. jasmine Rahul

      There r many ffs on YHM post leap

  6. This has ended? oh noooo! I really enjoyed this ff! It was so beautiful and Aman was a hero! Yay! I really wish Tara and Naksh in YRKKH too will marry and live happily just as in your ff. You are a really talented writer Pari, I would really love if you could write another Tara x Naksh story.

  7. jasmine Rahul

    where r u pari…
    which is ur new ff

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