Yeh rishta kya kehlata hain TRUE LOVE epi 20

epi starts with Aman requesting dadajii to allow him and tara to go to visit hospital as Aman desires to seek blessings of his teacher who had is admitted in hospital
Dadajii hesitates at first but ultimately allows

In car tara thanks Aman
he says he doesn’t wish to become villain of their story he wants to be hero

Tara sees naksh in dialysis room
Akshara is sitting besides Naksh
Akshara sees Tara
and goes outside room to meet tara
yash tells Akshara that he couldn’t let three lives get spoiled so he told tara everything
tara is crying
Akshara tells her tara Naksh really loves u alot
She asks tara to meet him
she informs her that as dialysis are going on Naksh is unconscious
Tara enters room
flashback of Naksh makes tara disturbed
she goes near bed
she sees her photoframe kept on side table
she finds naksh holding his phone
she sees her wallpaper on his phone
tara places her hand over his
he utters her name in unconscious state
tara cries
dard dilo ke kaam ho jaate plays in bg

Next morning Naksh wakes up
he refuses to take medicine
he tells Akshara he is tired taking medicines he says he is tired troubling them
tara enters room n says enough of draamebaazi Naksh singhania quietly have medicines
Naksh rubs his eyes
he asks tara what she is doing there
he rudely tells her that she should leave and not intervene in his life
she tells him if thats the case he should return her photograph and also change his wallpaper
she tells him that yash told her everything
she tells him she loved him alot and this love was true love didn’t he had faith on their love
they could have together crossed this hurdle easily
she tells him true love has immense strength it can overcome everything
Naksh cries
he says sorry tara I didn’t want to hurt or trouble u
she says Naksh
she starts crying they hug each other
joh tu mera humdaard hain plays
naitik n Akshara overlook them from outside

Tara tells Naksh to promise her that he will never ever leave her
he says if god wishes
she says I will cure u n since it is true love god will support us.
she makes him have medicines
she makes him drink soup

sanjana comes and says Naksh n tara that I yash n baby are so so happy for u
tara hugs sanjana and congratulates her

Akshara tells naitik really true love has lot of power
Naksh is so happy these days and taking medicines properly

Doc tells Akshara n Naitik that they must quickly find a matching kidney donor and have a transplant to save Naksh’s left kidney as it has also being 40 % damaged
Tara over hears their talks and rushes to temple there is cries and tells ganpati that he cannot be so unfair to them he needs to support their true love
it has passed through several examinations already
she says she willnot drink or eat anything till a matching donor is found

Tommorow’s episode will be the last episode! ! 🙂

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Tara seeing her pic in naksh’s mob n him uttering her name in unconscious state,naksh seeing tara,tara giving him confidence thru her luv,,naksh tara union,naksh taken care of tara were emotional n lovely.will naksh get a donor?Aman saying that he doesnt want 2 b d villain of their luv story,but hero was cute

  2. Awesome……update next episode

  3. Awesome …??update nexxt episode

  4. This was so emotional! I really love this story. I almost cried at the part Tara sees everything. And their conversation- so beautifully written!

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