Yeh rishta kya kehlata hain TRUE LOVE epi 19 MAHA EPISODE


Epi starts with sanjana telling yash she too will accompany him
Nandini comes there and tells sanjana not to go anywhere she should rest
yash agrees
he tells sanjana not to worry he will manage as per her saas’ s instruction she should be at home and take rest as their baby too needs rest he kisses her on forehead
sanjana thinks Naksh and tara loved each other much more than she and yash loved each other but their love story cannot end like this
flashback shows
Naksh telling sanjana to confess her feelings to yash as yash is duffer and will never take first step
sanjana proposes yash on farewell yash gets glad
Nandini isn’t much pleased with sanjana
she finds her too modern
Akshara and Naitik convince her
They get married
flashback ends
she says Naksh always helped us
their love should win
she prays

At tara’s house sangeet ceremony is going on
tara remembers Naksh singing jo tu mera humdaard hain she smiles
she finds Aman singing Dholi bhaarat bhi layaa re
A small girl tells tara somebody has come to meet her
Tara goes in courtyard
she is shocked to see yash
he tells her tara please listen to me just once please
He tells her she was right Naksh loved her and loved her alot he still loves her
he tells her Naksh’s life will finish if she marries Aman
she tells him to be clear

*********Flashback *********
Naksh is deciding on how to propose tara
he thinks he should buy something for her
Naksh n yash go to shop
suddenly Naksh complaints of pain in stomach he falls down
he is taken to hospital
Akshara tells doctor that Naksh has been operated for kidney stone
doc says his kidney function test indicates failure of right kidney
its case of chronic kidney failure n Naksh will have to frequently undergo dialysis
Akshara and Naitik cry

Naksh tells sanjana n yash he cannot spoil tara’s life
he will ignore her
because his life now involves medicines docs
tara already faces all this for her mother
she should nt face this because of me

Naksh cries as he reads tara’s msgs he request her to forget him

Naksh is in very bad mood sanjana makes him eat food
tara confronts naksh
he asks her not to be behind him she leaves from there
he breaks down
and cries

Naksh tells yash n sanjana it was last day of college now he will never be able to see her
his eyes are moist

Naksh tells yash tara said she loves him
he says its all his fault he should have never befriended her
he troubles everybody its better he should die
yash slaps him

***********flashback ends********

Tara is taken a back
yash tells her his condition has deteriorated more
there is impact on his left kidney too
they aren’t getting matching kidney donar

tara cries
dard dilo ke kam jo jate mein aur tu agar hum ho jate

yash tells her only she can save him
she says I dnt know what to do
Aman says I will help u
tara is shocked to see him there he says from very first day he saw love in tara’s eyes for somebody
he says I heard everything n now I will help u he says I will unite love birds
tara smiles

Credit to: Pari

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    yash sanjana r married n she is preg too.loved yash sanjana luv story fb scene.naksh i facing kidnay prob n thats y he ignored sad.from yash tara came 2 know everything.good that aman is ready 2 help them n now he will unite them.will tara give kidney or sth?

  2. jasmine Rahul

    i’vent seen naksh tara scenes in d i’m asking they play any particular song 4 them in their scenes in d serial?

  3. Dear reader
    song was initially pehla nasha
    now in serial they broke up

    1. jasmine Rahul

      i read articles abt their break up n also heard that umang is going 2 b replaced by another actress

  4. Sarayu(honey)

    Nice, in fact very nice

  5. please update next part fastly…………..very nice loved it

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