Yeh rishta kya kehlata hain TRUE LOVE epi 18


Epi starts with tara not being able to sleep she wakes up completely drenched in sweat
she takes out sorry letter naksh had written to her
she kisses it n says I miss u Naksh

tara takes walk in her balcony she eats some medicines n sleeps

Tara meets priety in cafe
priety is having a baby
tara holds the baby and plays with child
priety tells her”look tara u r smiling u r enjoying playing with ziva trust me tara marriage makes women’s life beautiful it blesses u with wonderful gift motherhood
tara am ur best friend
I met Aman
he is really good

he will keep u happy life long
for our sake marry him u will never regret ur decision atleast meet aman once”

Tara tells priety all this is really difficult for her

Tara sees dadajii deeply engrossed in his thoughts she sees tears fall from his eyes
she goes and holds his hand
she asks him whats wrong
he tells her nothing
she says take my kasam
dadajii tells tara he feels bad all girls of tara’s age have got married

preity has child also
and she
he says he feels he has not been able to fulfill his responsibility
tara feels bad

tara tells dadajii she is ready to meet aman
dadajii gets happy n hugs her

Jay banushali (aman) enters cafe he gives flowers to tara n introduces himself
he keeps talking he notices tara again n again getting lost in her own thoughts
he asks tara what will she have
she doesn’t answer him
Aman asks tara is nervous is somebody forcing her to get married
she says no

she talks to aman

tara reads Naksh’s message n says u have left me with no choice
she tells dadajii that she liked aman and will marry him

dadajii starts dancing with happiness
tara smiles seeing dadajii happy

Tara and Aman get engaged

Sanjana and Yash are shown talking sanjana tells yash that priety has uploaded tara’s engagement pic she tells him tara is getting married
he says he cannot let this happen
he says he has to meet Tara

priety tells tara her decision was perfect
she tells her Naksh never loved her
she should forget him like bad dream and enjoy her life.

Credit to: pari

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    4 dadaji Rara agreed 2 marry Aman.They got engaged too.Aman is Jai bhanushali.Wow.I like Jay since Kayamat.R Yash Sanjana married?Will Yash stop this wedding?What is the secret they all r hiding from Tara abt Naksh?
    which r the other pairs u like?Any new ff u r planning?

    1. I too like jay a lot 🙂
      I used to love asha n Rithvik as arjun Purvi from pavitra rishta
      Apart from them Kunj twinkle from tashan hain ishq make an awesome pair
      as of now I will just focus on ff of tashan e ishq Milan do dilo ka after which will take up most probably story of raman ishita!! 🙂

  2. sarayu (honey)

    wow good one but where is naksh

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