Yeh rishta kya kehlata hain TRUE LOVE epi 17


Happy Mother’s Day to all beautiful mothers

serial takes three years leap

Tara is shown talking to a lady
the board on desk is shown as counsellor
Tara sadly narrates about her first meeting with Naksh
she tells about their colliding
flash back shows happy moments of tara and naksh
counsellor says if he sang that song in front of everybody it means he definitely wanted to show her that he had feelings for her.
tara tells her about Naksh ignoring her
counsellor asks her when did she last see him
she says 2 years ago on last day of their exam
she says she saw naksh peeping in her class
flash back shows tara writing paper
naksh looks on with upset face from outside
tara looks at him
he leaves from there

she tells counsellor his behavior changed he used to attend very few lectures he never came to library he used always ran away seeing him
he never let his eyes meet her

counsellor asks her what happened after last day of exam
tara says she got very disturbed she used to miss naksh a lot
she wasnt able to give her interviews properly
she said she asked sanjana
sanjana told her to forget naksh and move on
Naksh and her back grounds are different she should not think much.

Tara says she messaged Naksh that she loves him and he should tell her y he did all this with her
Naksh replied her that he never had that sort of feelings for her
he just considered her a good friend
he asked her forget him and concentrate on her life

counsellor tells her if he said so clearly means she should move on
there is no point in thinking about him
she needs to forget him
this is only way to get rid of this depresssion
she should stop spoiling her life
tara says I just cannot forget naksh
jo to mera humdaard hain plays in bg tara cries

Credit to: Pari

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    this is so sad.till d last day of exam naksh ignored her.later tho she messaged him her luv he said he had no such feelings 4 her.she went in2 depression n d counsellor also asked her 2 move on 4getting him.but she cant 4get sad.what happened 2 naksh..where is he…why did he do this 2 tara….what happened 2 yash n sanjana…

  2. Sarayu(honey)

    What is happening? What happened to naksh. Sudden leap. Please update the next part fast.

    1. Dear reader,
      its twist in the tale
      actually its a short ff will be ending in 2-3 epi
      am glad u were reading it.thanks for being silent reader.

  3. jasmine Rahul

    which other serials do u watch pari?

    1. Hii,
      I watch tamanna n find it to be unique and beautifully crafted serial
      also sometimes watch tashan e ishq n yeh hain mohabatien
      am also writing ff wd title Milan do dilo ka for tashan e ishq I have completed 10 episodes with name Rushi if u like that serial or my ff u may read it 🙂

  4. Pari, I really love your ff as it’s based on Naksh and Tara! And you watch Tamanna as well? Yay! Lovely ff! Can’t wait to see more!

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