Yeh rishta kya kehlata hain TRUE LOVE epi 16


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Epi starts with tara waiting for Naksh in class
priety tells her Naksh might be tired and thats y not attending college today
tara says but he is attending my calls or responding to my msgs
I hope he is fine
priety tells her its just 11 hrs since u last saw him I know u love him but be patient dnt miss him so much
tara smirks and asks priety to shut up

Next day tara sees Naksh she goes to talk to him but he leaves with his friends she tries calling him but he doesn’t listen
In class tara tries to call Naksh
he doesn’t look at her

In library tara waits for Naksh he doesn’t come

Tara sits next to Naksh in class he gets up and goes

Tara keeps sending him msgs he doesn’t respond

Tara asks sanjana why is Naksh ignoring her
sanjana tells her its nothing like that maybe Naksh is disturbed
she asks her to focus on exams

Tara is unable to study
she is not able to write in exam she keeps thinking about Naksh

Tara calls yash she asks him whats wrong with Naksh y is he ignoring me
yash says tara to directly talk to Naksh

in canteen sanjana is making Naksh eat food
tara goes there and confronts him
she asks him y he is ignoring her she says am sorry if I have done something wrong forgive me please but please talk to me
he requests tara to calm down and not yell
he tells her not to be behind him
he isn’t ignoring her
he is just busy at home Due to personal issues
he asks her to focus on her studies and not to make unnecessary fuss
he leaves

tara goes to washroom and cries inconsolably
mora piya mose bolat nai
plays in bg
fb of their happy moments are shown

priety tells tara Naksh has changed he doesn’t look at u
he doesn’t bother about u
she tells her its their last year and she should focus on her studies
maybe Naksh was just playing with her feelings
Tara says I don’t think so I saw genuiness in his eyes

Credit to: pari

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    oh..its shocking that naksh is ignoring tara.what will be d reason?cant wait 2 know d truth?poor tara

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