Yeh rishta kya kehlata hain TRUE LOVE epi 14


Epi starts with Sanjana asking Tara to accompany them for movie
initially tara refuses but after listening its Siddhart Malhotra’s movie she agrees

In theatre sanjana goes to purchase tickets
she guys bad news
we got 2-2 seats
we didn’t get all 4 seats together
yash is talking to somebody on phone
sanjana request Naksh and tara to sit together as she wishes to spend time with yash
she winks at Naksh
in mind he says sanjana is impossible n smiles
Tara gets happy seeing Siddhart
she says I wish he would be my boyfriend
she says he is so cute na
Naksh gets jealous and says in his mind do I look less cute than him

Naksh and tara share popcorn s their hands meet in packet
they eye each other awkwardly
galliyaan teri galliyaan plays in bg
they keep looking at each other

Tara gets emotional and starts crying Naksh consoles her by holding her hand
tu mera humdaard hain plays in bg

Tara is terrified to see shraddha kapoor being murdered she holds Naksh’s arm
he smiles

At cafe tara thanks sanjana and tells her ek villain is best movie she has ever seen
I wish somebody would love me like guru loved aisha n would sing all those lovely songs for me
Naksh says in his mind I will love u much much more than guru

In class Tara enters she sits near Naksh
during lectures Naksh starts singing tu mera humdaard hain
tara asks him whats wrong with him
he says she likes it so he is just entertaining her in boring lec
Tara asks him to shut up as she wants to study
He admires tara taking down notes

Picnic to Goa is declared everybody except tara is thrilled
Naksh says wow I love goa we will enjoy
Tara says her dadajii will never allow

Sanjana is shown talking to dadajii at tara’s home
she says this visit will be safe
n she will be tara’s bodyguard
priety also request dadajii allow tara
Dadajii asks tara if she wishes to go
she nods

Naksh gets excited to know tara is coming
he hugs and kisses his pillows
pehla nasha plays

In bus everybody start enjoying tara and sanjana are sitting together
tara is sleeping sanjana asks her to play game she says she feels sleepy in bus travels and would prefer resting
sanjana requests tara to sit with Naksh
as she and yash will play games

Naksh and Tara keep Talking Naksh tells her about Akshara and family
she enjoys his talks
suddenly tara says she is feeling motion sickness
Naksh opens windows
he makes Tara have water
Tara vomits water over Naksh
she is embarrassed Naksh asks her to close her eyes and rest
he gives her medicine
tara keeps her head on his shoulder.

Credit to: pari

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Naksh Tara watching Ek villain 2gether.Naksh consoles her when she gets emotional.popcorn scene was romantic.they r going 2 goa 4 picnic.Tho Tara vomits on Naksh he didnt get irritated,he took care of her.she keeps her head on his romantic.hope this Goa trip will make them confess their luv n make them more romantic

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