yeh rishta kya kehlata hain TRUE LOVE epi 13

Epi starts with tara asking Naksh which flavour ice cream he will have
He replies as it is her treat he will have her favorite flavour
she says for that he will have to walk more as her fav flavour is unique and not available everywhere
Naksh readily agrees
he asks her which her favorite flavour
she says litchi
he says its really unique
she starts telling him benefits of litchi he hears attentively
At ice cream parlor Naksh admires tara while she enjoys her icecream and eats like a child
Tara asks him eat his icecream fast or it would melt
tara gets a call n gives her cone to hold
Naksh exchanges the cones and tastes it
He says litchi is very very sweet
tara is busy on call
pehla nasha plays in bg

Tara tells Naksh that she is going to hospital he asks her can he accompany as he wishes to meet her mother she agrees

In hospital Tara tells her mother all that happened through out day
her mother doesn’t react at all
Naksh keeps looking at Tara
she tells him that this is her routine though she doesn’t react she is listening
Naksh sits close to her mother holds her hand affectionately and introduces himself and tells about his family
Tara is very happy seeing all this
Nurse gives injection to her mother
Tara holds Naksh’s arm firmly
she says I cannot bear her pain
am useless I cannot reduce her pain
Naksh tells her that she can definitely reduce by being strong he tells her ur smile is her strength

At home Naksh is happy remembering all the moments of day
he gets sad by looking at his arm
he says I promise tara always to support u
u will never bear any pain alone

Next day tara gets glad seeing Naksh at hospital he gets flowers for her mother and litchis for tara
yeh vada raha song plays in bg
Naksh is shown again again visiting hospital
he and tara are shown studing
laughing there eating together
epi ends with smile on tara’s mother’s face.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Ice cream date was so nice.Naksh tasting her ice cream without her knowledge was romantic.Naksh Tara mom,Naksh consoling Tara were emotional.Naksh Tara friendship growing n tara’s mom is happy.Hope she gets well soon.Naksh bringing flowers n litchi icecreams 4 mother daughter was so cute

  2. Yes dear reader
    I was waiting for ur comment
    it really gives encouragement
    thanks fr ur continued support

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