Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain TRUE LOVE epi 11


The episode starts with Naksh being unable to sleep
he wishes that everything is fine with tara and hopes that she attends tommorow as it is imp lec.

In class yash asks Naksh not to worry so much
He says what if Tara left the college where will I search her
yash advices him not to panic and says tara is very sincere and willnot leave college in mid term

Lecturer takes attendance he says priety where is tara he asks her doesn’t she know today assignments are being given
everybody except her is persent

priety says she doesn’t know her phone is switched off
Sir tells her give her assignments anyhow and ask her to complete it and submit on mon
or else she will lose 100 Marks
Naksh gets worried hearing all this.

In canteen he asks priety to tell him her address he wants to give her assignments
she says that she genuinely doesn’t know it
he tells her what type of best friend is she
priety gets annoyed and says she knows tara from just past 6 months
Sanjana comes there and asks Naksh not to over react
She says I have idea

Next scene Naksh orders Food for peon he thanks him and gives him a paper
Naksh gets glad on seeing the ppr and thanks the peon

Tara enters her house she is shocked to see Naksh with her dadajii
Dadajii says ur classmate as come to meet u
u talk to him I will rest
Naksh asks Tara about her mother he says dadajii told me everything
He tells her that her mother will get well soon and come home
she asks him what new drama is this
He tells her about assignments and says he felt guilty for whatever he has done
He just wanted to help her
He gives her the letter
He says he will leave he asks her to take care of herself

In hospital Tara reads his letter and sees the assignment pprs and smiles
she saves Naksh’s
no and msgs him
”Its ok Naksh thanks for assignments.Am ready to be ur friend”

Naksh reads the msg n starts dancing
pehla nasha plays in bg.

Credit to: Pari

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    tara’s mom is unwell.thats y she is absent.naksh went 2 her house,helped her in she is willing 2 b his

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