Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain – Naksh Aur Kirti Ki Kahani (Part-3)

The morning rose and everyone was waiting for Kirti to come downstairs at the Goenka household.
Kirti came and hugged everyone and wished everyone goodmorning. Today she did the aarti and made everyone breakfast. Even though she was sad, and wanted to breakdown, she was showed everyone to be happy. Just then dadi wanted to gift something to Kirti so she gave a box to her to hold
Kirti: Yeh Kya Hain dadi (what is this dadi?)
Dadi: kohlo toh pata chalega (open it and then you’ll know)
Kirti opened the box and she saw gungharoos. It was the same that her mom had gifted her and Dadi after a few years made her remove it from her life.

Dadi: Kirti hum nahi chate ke tum humesha poorani yadoo mein kohi raho. Hum sab chate Hain ke tum apni maa ka sapna poora karo. Tumhe kathak aur dancing pasand tha isiliye hum chate Hain ke tum firse shuru karo dance.
Kirti was beyond happy. (Kirti, I don’t want you to stay at home and remember your past memories. We all want you to fulfill your moms dream. You like kathak and dancing so we want you to start it again.)

Naira: dadi mujhe ek idea aaya hain. Kyu na Kirti di muhje mere academy main help kare. Main akele toh dance nahi sikha paugi. Kirti di hogi toh mujhe help bhi mil jayegi aur main unse dance bhi sikhlu gi. Waise bhi maine kathak complete nahi kiya. Toh di muhje bhi sikha sakti Hain. (Dadi I got an idea… why doesn’t Kirti di help me with my academy? I can’t teach dance alone. If Kirti di is then I can get help as well as I will be able to learn dance from her. However, I didn’t finish kathak, so di can help me)

Dadi: kya tumhe koi problem Hain Naira? Aur Kirti, kya tum Yeh karna chati ho?(Naira do you have any problem? And Kirti do you want to do this?)
Naira: mujhe Kya problem hogi. I would love to have Kirti di help me(what problem would I have)
Kirti: is main mujhe koi problem nai Hain (I have no problem in doing this)

Dadi smiled
Naira: Dadi main ghar jaana chati hoon waise bhi academy ke liye kuch paper work baki Hain. Kya main ja sakti hoon? Aur kirti di ko bhi leh ja sakti hoon? (Dadi I wanna go to my parents house. Anyhow I have to finish up some paper work for the academy. So can I go? And can I take Kirti?)
Dadi: isme puchne ki Kya zaroorat hain? (What’s the need to ask?)
Singhanias house
Naira And Kirti entered.
Gayu: Naira aur Kirti di aap

Gayu went and hugged them both.
Naksh and Kirti awkwardly look at each other.
Naitik: Kirti beta, apki koi galti nahi Hain. Aap humare liye Naira aur Gayu jaisi hain. So please don’t be ashamed or feel awkward (Kirti, you are not at fault. For us you are like Naira and Gayu So please don’t feel ashamed or awkward.)
Kirti: ji uncle
They all enter.
Kirti: Naksh joh bhi uncle ne kaha hum dono ke liye kaha So please don’t feel awkward(Naksh whatever uncle said portrays to both of us)
Naksh: mujhe laga ki ap naraz hogi(I though you’d be mad)

Kirti: nahi. Agar aisi koi baat hoti toh meh yaha nahi hoti(if that was the case then I wouldn’t be here)

Naksh: theek Hain toh fir Kya hum dost ban sakte hain(alright, then could we be friends?)
Kirti just smiled and shook Naksh’ hand.
A new friendship just formed which bought a smile on Kirti and Naksh’s face after a long time. All of this was witnessed by Naira and Gayu and they smiled seeing Naksh and Kirti

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