Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain – Naksh Aur Kirti Ki Kahani (Part-2)

Kirti slaps Aditya. He leaves the house threatening to not leave any of them. Kirti breaks down crying hysterically and she falls down by the door. Naksh being the closest to her holds her and makes her sit on the couch. She just can’t control her tears and torture she has been facing for the 3 years of her marriage.
Kirti: Im sorry papa
Kartik: Kirti isme tumhari koi galti nahi Hain. Tum sorry kyun keh rahi ho. (Kirti it isn’t your fault in all of this. Why are you saying sorry?)
Kirti: maine sach main bohot try kiya par hamesha woh mujhe marte. Ab sahen nahi hota. Thak gayi hoon main. Im sorry dadi. Im sorry papa. (I seriously tried a lot but he would just beat me up. Now I can’t tolerate it. Im tired. Im sorry dadi)

Naira: apne pehle kyun nahi bataya di (why didn’t you tell us before di?)
And she puts her hand on Kirti where she is freshly wounded by Aditya. They all see and get shocked.
They take Kirti inside to see where else she has been wounded while Naksh goes to get the doctor and Kartik in the meantime gets the medical box.
Naitik: ab hum nikalte hain. Apko koi bhi kaam ho, hame please kehna. (Now we will leave. If you have any worries or work, please do tell us)
The Singhania’s left.
Naira comes out of the room after putting Kirti to sleep
Kartik: how bad is she wounded?
Naira: very badly
Kartik cries as he could not protect his sister and seeing this she also breaks down.
Naira: hum di ko bohot kush rakhe gain aur unko iss sab se baar nikale gain (we will keep di very happy and we will take her out from all of this)
Kartik: maine itne saal usse protect nahi kiya par ab hum dono usse sari khushiya denge (all these years I haven’t protected her but now we both will give her all the happiness)
*Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain music plays*

Singhania house:
Naksh: mujhe toh apne aap par gussa aata hain. Maine sab notice kiya aur phir bhi chup raha (Im angry on myself. I noticed everything and I still stayed shut.)
Gayu: bhai isme apki koi bhi galti nahi hain (bhai you’re not at fault in this)
Mishti: aur agar apko lagta Hain ke apne galti ki Hain toh sorry keh dijye aur friends ban jaye (if you feel that it’s your fault than say sorry and be friends)
Gayu: haa bhai… jaise mami kehti ti har rishta dosti se shuru aur dosti pe khatam hoti hain.. I know apko awkward feel horaha hoga par apka koi fault nahi tha. (Yes bhai, just like Mami would tell all relations start as friends and end as friends. I know you must be feeling awkward but you’re not at fault in this)
Naksh: mujhe lagta Hain ke tum sahi keh rahi ho gayu. Kal main unko sorry kahunga(I feel that you’re saying right Gayu. Tomorrow I’ll say sorry to her)
He hugged gayu and mishti and sent both of them to their rooms to sleep as it was late night
*naksh to himself* “Gayu aur mishti ko toh keh diya par un sab ke Samne kese jauga. Woh kuch galat samjhe toh? Mumma please help. I wish aap yahan hote. I miss you mumma.”(I said it to Gayu and mishti but how will I face all of them? What if they think something wrong? Mumma please help. I wish you were here. I miss you mumma)
He decides to sleep and wait for tomorrow. On the other hand Manish and Swarna were making Kirti sleep as they couldn’t see their daughter in pain. Kartik and Naira entered the room and told them to sleep as they would sit besides Kirti now.

Goenkas were ashamed and didn’t know how to face the Singhanias especially after Naksh and Kirti being accused of having an affair.
Everyone just waited for the next day to come and wished to find a solution.

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    Nice update.
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