Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain- Naksh Aur Kirti Ki Kahani (Part-1)

Everyone was in one room preparing to listen to the bhajan for Kartiks birthday. In Kirti’s room, Aditya was beating her up for the decision that Kartik made which was to allow Kirti to work in their business.
Aditya came where everyone else was
Dadi: Damadji Kirti kaha Hain?
Adi: woh aa Rahi hai thodik time main. Usse kuch waqt rest karna tha. Bichari thak gayi Hain. Aur waise bhi upset bhi Hain kyu ki him wapas jaa rahe Hain.
Dadi: accha theek Hain. Aap baithye
Naira thinking to herself: mujhe kyu lag raha Hain ke Aditya ji juth keh rahe Hain. Mujhe aur kartik ko pata Hain ke woh di ko torture karte hain par di kyu nahi aai.
The pandit comes on the computer. Naira asks the panditji “agar maan main daar ho Tya karna chaiye”
Pandit: maan jo daar ho usse baar kadhna chaiye. Agar apne kuch galat nahi kiya toh daar hona hi nahi chaiye.
Kirti in her room sitting broken and shattered hears all this. She hears the chants. She feels that she shouldn’t bear all of this anymore. It’s wrong. And it’s time for Aditya to change. If not then…
Kirti messages Aditya to come in the living room as she wants to talk to him.
Aditya and Kirti are confronting each other
Kirti: meri galti kya hain Aditya. Maine aisa Kya kiya jis ke wajhe se app mujhe marte Hain. Please ab main tolerate nahi kar sakti. Mujhme taqat nahi Hain. Aap muhje promise kijye ke aap aisa nahi karege. Please. Yeh sag khatam kijye.
Aditya: *was super mad and held her tightly* kya khatam Karu. Yeh merger joh ho raha hain. Tumhare papa ke saath business khatam Karu ya fir tumhe hi khatam kar doon?
He pushed her. Beat her up. And was about to take the vase next to him and hit her on the head. Just then kartik and Manish stop him.
In fear Kirti hugs Kartik and cries hysterically.
Naira states everything that happened.
Manish: just get out from here. Agar tum mehri beti ki paas bhi aaye toh mein tumhara woh halat karunga ki tum bhul nahi paaoge. Kirti is my daughter.
Aditya: papa…
Kartik: just SHUT UP and leave from here
Aditya: dadi aap toh kuch kahiye. Meri baat suniye please. Maine aaisa isi liye kiya kyun ki Kirti aur Naksh is affair hain…
Kirti was shocked. And So was Naksh. Everyone else was just as shocked.
Naksh: yeh tum Kya keh rahe ho
Aditya: ha. Woh hamesha tumhare saath khush rehti Hain. Tumhare saath hasti Hain. Dadi main iska pati hoon. Yeh sab dekhke mujhe gussa aa Gaya aur Maine usse
Naira: kitna jhooth kahenge aap. Apko sharam nai aati. Kirti di aur bhai… kitna gur jayeinge aap
Aditya: saath hamesha kadva hota Hain aur mujhe toh Lagta hain ki Kirti aur Naksh ke beech kuch hua Hain
Kirti: bas Aditya bas
Manish: you all need to wait for sometime. I have decided something.
The lawyer goes inside of Manish’s room and walks out without saying a word to any of the family member
Meanwhile Kirti believes that her father hates her and is believing Aditya
Manish comes out and throws the papers on Aditya’s face. He holds his collar and says: “tum kuch bhi kahoge aur main manuga. Kirti meri beti Hain. Aur mein apni beti ko janta hoon. Tumhari soch main hi kuch hain isliye tumne aisi baat ki meri beti ki baare main. Yeh divorce papers Hain. Sign karo aur nikal jaao. I don’t want my daughter to live with a animal like you. LEAVE.”
Aditya signs and warns them how the Goenka’s will fall
Kartik: goenka’s ko kuch nahi hoga. *walks to naitik and apologizes by folding his hands* I’m sorry papa par I have to leave your company because I don’t trust Aditya. And I have to help the goenkas. Kartik has joined back the goenka group of industries.
Naitik: Im proud of you Kartik.
Aditya was leaving and almost stepping out But dadi calls him
Dadi takes kirtis hand and walks her to the door and says “hume afsoos hain ki joh Kirti karegi hum nahi kar payege”
Kirti then slaps Aditya very tightly. He leaves and she falls down crying.

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